by basketkase 23 Mar 2020

I am officially reporting that I have 3 girls that are not following the social distancing orders......hoping to shame them into compliance.......and yes, we had snow overnight.....ugh, on the bright side we don't have to go out in it! Stay safe everyone!


by hightechgrammy 24 Mar 2020

Those silly girls! Aren't we glad pets don't transfer the virus! I Can't believe you still have Jif and Skip! How old are they now? And when did you get Cassi? Do you have any new kitties?
Of our three Krispies, we only have Snap. Crackle had a heart defect and passed away at 3 years, and Poppy only lived ten years and from kidney disease. Our hearts are broken with each one we have lost. OUr couch potato Snap has no worries other than finding the softest blankie for naps.

basketkase by basketkase 24 Mar 2020

Awe, Jan she is beautiful. Jif, Skip and Cassi are sisters...we rescued them at the same time and I believe they are about 6 yrs old. We have their younger sister, Parfait which is about 12 mos younger. Sammi is about 10 yrs old now and Maxine is about 5 yrs old. We want to catch momma before we move to Arkansas.....Jim knows I am not leaving without her!

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 24 Mar 2020

I didn't know you are moving!!! How about to Colorado instead? I know a great neighborhood.
Stay well, dear friend.

by momac 24 Mar 2020

My cats are like yours Vicki, I have been thinking of you re your operation.
Do hope you can still have it. Keep all of us up-to-date. Hugs from Maureen

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basketkase by basketkase 24 Mar 2020

No Maureen, unfortunately it is postponed....they are calling me this week for a reschedule date.....hoping at least by June....still sporting the breathe rite strips and hoping my nose skin tolerates the adhesive.....have had to stop off and on to let little sores heal from the adhesive irritation....

by stork 23 Mar 2020

LOL! Thank you for the chuckle during this stressful time. Love those girls

by sewtired 23 Mar 2020

Thanks for the smile!

by 02kar Moderator 23 Mar 2020

They are showing a united front against the virus. Besides it's always good to give comfort to friends and family. Hope all is well in your household.

by graceandham 23 Mar 2020

Turn on CNN and make them listen. However, I note they are not dining out or being in crowds of more than 10 or shopping. Always beautiful.

by bemara 23 Mar 2020

Members of the family are allowed to do this, hugs Maria =^..^=

by asterixsew Moderator 23 Mar 2020

They look very happy. Hope the snow goes fast.