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I spent the day trying different face masks and I like this one. It’s comfortable, has a nose wire and a pocket to add a filter. I got it from the you tube video that I linked here. Fabric is 100% cotton. Fabric masks are not intended for full virus protection. Do your research about how to use them before you choose to make and use one.

Edit: I chose PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter Breathing Filters for Mask to use inside my mask. They can be replaced in the mask pocket. Other things I've seen on the internet to use for filters are: line with a cut-to-fit coffee filter or a piece of HEPA filter from a vacuum cleaner bag. Other suggestions are non woven materials like tissues and Pellon interfacing. I do not guarantee the effectiveness of anything.


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President of Slovakia Zuzana Čaputová. Fashion statement for the win!

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Nice, I also like this style the most, have tried out a few designs but this comes out faster to make and I like the idea that you can pull down the fold in the chin. I took a picture of the ones I made for my daughter and my friend, still have to wait till it can be uploaded. I love the color of your fabric as well.

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sewmom by sewmom 9d ago

Thank you. The fabric is leftover from the recent project I posted, the wedding tapestry for my daughter and SIL. : )

by maggiecal 10d ago

Sewmom - looks good, Wonderful you’re able to get that filter fabric.
We can’t add links to Facebook here, but I have a free digitizing group and have put up ITH masks in four sizes and 2 styles there (Premier+2 PC and Mac Embroidery Digitizing Users Group, one stye has a pocket), pics in the group of people wearing them. Anyone can join just to get the masks and instructions. I’m batch stitching my ties outside of the hoop to go faster, but they can be put on inside the hoop (it’s in the instructions). Darts for fitting are stitched outside the hoop as well. Quite a few (most major ones now) vendors have since also put up free ITH ones, but haven’t seen any yet that dart them for a better fit per that surgeon’s video (also on Facebook, Laura Richards Vick). Many are recommending cloth ties for donated ones as they’ll stand up better to industrial wash and dry.

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Thank you! I haven’t seen the darts before either.

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Thanks - it’s easy to see the darts on her Instructables sheet (darts plus folds) but she has so much more on her facebook with posts, videos and answers to questions.

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Instructables is for the mask I mention in Laura RIchards Vick Facebook (Laura.R.Vick.1 after facebook dot com - there’s another without the 1 that’s not her).

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You make it look stylish <3

Have you seen this video?

She explains everything really well. We already have that non-woven fabric in our stashes, except that we call it cut-away (stabiliser). ETA: I think it's actually called no-show diamond mesh stabiliser or something like that. It's def a cutaway though. I'm going to use either the Craftpassion or MimiG pattern and use ties rather than elastic.

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Thank you.

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Thank You Sewmom. These turned out great. Can't show picture, camera broke.

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I had a spool of plastic garden twists, so worked out great

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Elastic for small adult woman. Finished length 8 inches.

by mgregg01 13d ago

how long should the elastic be cut.
thank you for sharing.

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sewmom by sewmom 13d ago

It really depends on your face. I have a small head. My finished circle of elastic is 8 inches total. My husband wants to use the same size mask but his head is much bigger so I will probably add a couple of inches to the elastic. I'll try to add a picture.

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Lookin' good Sewmom! Thanks for the information. What did you choose for the nose wire?

by graceandham 14d ago

You look very fashion current. Congrats on good project.

by cfidl 14d ago

That one looks good! I will check it out. Thanks

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Looking good. I like the idea that it has a pocket.

by noah 14d ago

Awesome job nice to see your eyes lol hugsxxx

by pennifold 14d ago

That's very much like the one we made sewmom. You've done a great job. Love Chris

by blueeyedblonde 14d ago

good job!