by asterixsew Moderator 22 Mar 2020

Hi Cuties. Like many self isolating folk I have been in the house or the garden. My husband has 'plans' for the garden and I'm wondering if I will recognise it in a few weeks? Time will tell and I will update on that. I belong to a craft group and we all did a group email yesterday. The main activity that appears to be going on is housework. I have also picked up on that a lot while reading on the internet. Yes I am going to sew lots and lots but first its the housework. Anyone else afflicted too?

I live in a rural part of the UK and as its a sunny weekend we seem to have been packed out with far too many folks just enjoying time in the Country which isn't going down well with local folk. Take care everyone and attack either the dust or the fabric stash


by mops Moderator 22 Mar 2020

More or less the same story here. Husband is attacking the garden, I am attacking the dust, the fabric and knitting yarn stash and the homework for the languages I am learning - or trying to, my short term memory does not work too well with my long term one.
It's sunny, clear blue sky so it looks great but there's a cold wind. So we walk for half an hour or so to stay fairly fit.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 22 Mar 2020

Your life sounds like mine except I haven’t started on my fabric stash and sewing yet. The caravan site in older
Daughters village has been shut down so the village is back to normal. A knitting friend of mine is enjoying knitting and it’s her husband attacking dust. Keep being busy.