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by dragonflyer ( edited 15d ago ) 16d ago

Cuties, there is an ITH Applique Face Mask free at Smart Needle...There is a video link for instructions for the Smart Needle mask.

Face masks made at home do not necessarily stop the virus. Please do your research on the internet about materials and whether or not they are useful before making them and assuming you are protected. Another link is for a sewing pattern that has been requested by some hospitals.


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by dragonflyer edited 15d ago

Regarding the Smart Needle Mask... For those who do not want a satin stitch border, I am making these lined by adding a lining (single layer pleated fabric for front and single pleated layer of fabric for back), placing it right side down over the front fabric and then running the first color stop outline, stopping about 2" from the beginning so that there is an opening to turn...

by noah 15d ago

There are no folds in this one or instructions:(:(

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 15d ago

Video link for the instructions at Smart Needle... :);

by markus 15d ago

Thank you

by dragonflyer 15d ago

Here is another hospital request for fabric masks...scroll down for link to pattern, fabric recommendations and instructions.....

by genin 16d ago

Thank you very much !

by gramsbear 16d ago

Thanx so much! I got the instructions, hope I can enlarge enough to read them! Haha. Hugs, Judy...

by kustomkuddle 16d ago

This is an awesome way to help. Thanking for sharing.