by toogie 18 Mar 2020

Hello Cuties, I know the world is all affected by this COVID-19, non are exempt. We must remember in all this to be the best we can be. We can't let fear overtake us. Fear does no one any good. Actually, I believe fear harms us, by weakening our immune systems. I had something on my heart so much, I knew I would be sick if I didn't confront it.

I feel so much better today, about my brother-in-law. He was diagnosed with Cancer last week and really bad. I think I had been crying more, because I could not bear the thought of him leaving this world unsaved, than I was about him dying.
After speaking with him I learned he accepted Christ about 10 years ago! I was relieved. When he said he knows at times he backslid, I hope I reassured him about forgiveness. He can't let sin/anything separate him from God. God forgives when you humbly confess and truly repent. I believe this, because He says he will and His word is Truth.
I would like you to remember Douglas in prayer. God may or may not choose to heal him. We have to pray God's will be done. I do pray his pain is eased, though. The last few days have been increasingly worse, even though he is on strong pain medication. I think the next step is morphine.
I do struggle also with my feelings about his understanding. Douglas' wife and both daughters were in the room when the doctor said, " Mr.Douglas you are in bad shape. The cancer is fracturing the spine." It has metastasized from somewhere else.
Douglas told my husband Monday, and me today, when the doctor gets his back infection cleared up he will feel better and come visit with us again.
None of us can understand how 3 people heard 'cancer' and he heard 'infection'. The oldest daughter told my sister-in-law Jenny that she needs to sit Douglas down and talk to him. Jenny doesn't want to talk about it to him, because she said if he really understands, she is afraid of what he could do. (They are the grandparents a few years ago their grandson committed suicide and she found him) She doesn't want to find Douglas like that. Jenny still works and Douglas is home alone during the day.
I am torn between understanding like the daughter, he needs to know. But then I respect Jenny's wishes because I wouldn't want him to intentionally harm himself. What a place to be!

Also with all this going on worldwide, one of our son-in-laws is stuck out of the country. His flight was rerouted 3 times and then canceled. We pray he doesn't get sick with no one there to help him. My daughter does hear from him daily, so that helps.
So life goes on. Not normal daily lives like we are used to. He tell us not to worry about tomorrow. We are more important than the birds of the field and He feeds them. We can get through this. May God bless and keep each and every one of you safe and well-Toogie


by sewdeb 19 Mar 2020

Oh, Toogie,of course I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, dear lady of yourself, too! Hugs*, Deb

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toogie by toogie 19 Mar 2020

I will thank you Deb. You stay well!

by kustomkuddle 19 Mar 2020

Oh Toogie. You and your family will definitely be in my prayers. Like others have said, it is very common to use a different word for "cancer", especially when it is first diagnosed. He most likely heard cancer and can not deal with that word right now. You are a strong woman with the support of this group behind you and God lifting everyone up in his hands.

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toogie by toogie 19 Mar 2020

I’m glad my faith is in Him because I feel so inadequate. Thank you for your prayers. Jenny’s mind has acknowledged but not her heart. She says if she breaks down he will know and give up. I think it’s her way of coping too.

by dailylaundry 19 Mar 2020

My prayers for Douglas, and his family (you too, Toogie). I believe he knows the seriousness of his sickness. It probably is his way of dealing with it. My Dad passed from lung cancer many years ago. He would not talk about it. He went through chemo and all - it didn't help. He never would talk about what he went through fighting in Africa during WWII and would not talk about his cancer. He was 64. Prayers and hugs, Laura

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toogie by toogie 19 Mar 2020

I prayed with him before I left. I hope he gives thought to our conversation. He doesn’t read his bible, but sadly neither does his brother, my husband. My husband depends on Sunday school, worship service or me for his learning and I know I could devote more time in studying. Anyway, I encouraged Douglas to read telling him the Bible is so interesting. Full of stories of battles, of love stories (Ruth), of instruction how to live, salvation so many things.

by stork 19 Mar 2020

Toogie, My prayers are with you and your family. We are all trying to live thru this situation without any more stress than we already have. I have 4 of the grands during the week, as the parents are still working at this point. Trying to keep life as normal as possible for them.

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toogie by toogie 19 Mar 2020

You are right about trying to not stress out. I think this will either bring out the best in people or the worst. I think we as a people have been wasteful with what we have been blessed with, such as food. We as a people overeat or throw out leftovers. This may teach us to conserve our resources/ supplies as they may have to last a long time. No time to be picky.
A bit of humor-I also told my husband it may keep marriages together. If as a couple you are forced to quarantine for a long period the husband or wife will be faithful to one cheating, running around. See how all things fit into God’s plans!

by jrob Moderator 19 Mar 2020

Dear, dear Toogie. I am so sorry to hear of your cause of distress. I will be in diligent prayer for all of you. What a terrible thing to be going through for you all.
I have had times in my life that my heart wouldn't let my head understand what was going on. Be gentle with him.
I love your post and know that God is with you all.
I'm going to add him to my prayers, also his darling wife and you and your family. Love and hugs, Jerrilyn

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toogie by toogie 19 Mar 2020

Thank you my friend. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

by lbrow 19 Mar 2020

My dear Toogie,

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toogie by toogie 19 Mar 2020

I love you too

by pennifold 19 Mar 2020

Dear Toogie, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I know God has Douglas's life in His hands and as he has given his life to Jesus, he knows he has eternal life with Him. And having you as his sister can only encourage him.
I hope your son in law can get home soon.
Life all over the world is really strange at the moment and our Anglican Bishop has asked that our church services stop. Our Op Shop has closed, our Prime Minister has stopped all incoming aircraft from overseas visitors, businesses are shutting and we are being asked to self isolate if possible. There are so many things that are going wrong with our world and this Corona virus is just one of them. Love Chris

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toogie by toogie 19 Mar 2020

Thanks Chris for your prayers. I know you believe and are comforted by Psalms 91

by mrskiki 19 Mar 2020

Oh Toogie, so sorry to hear about your B-I-L. Praying for God's will to ve done and hopefully that to be that he is healed. He knows the situation. Some people just can't bring themselves to say the C word. And besides that, a positive attitude along with laughter can go a long way towards a good outcome. Hugs. Nan

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toogie by toogie 19 Mar 2020

Thank you for your prayers.

My friend here at home and I were texting this morning about laughter being good medicine. ( don’t misunderstand not making light of any of the virus, deaths or cancer) but I told her maybe if it becomes enforced to be quarantined at home, her and I should be together and put our sourpuss (😉) hubbies together at the other house. She said sounds good to her!-lol

by graceandham 18 Mar 2020

hi Toogie. His saying infection for the word cancer could be the meds talking or it's as much as he can bear right now and he is protecting his emotions. Either way, I'll be praying for Douglas and the family members as they work their way through all this. It's a lot. Saw a pic today on the internet of a lady who resembled you and was already holding you in my prayers. It was actually before and after pictures of her becoming a
"fitness influencer", whatever that is.

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toogie by toogie 18 Mar 2020

The pic wasn’t me- I’m still the same size😩😉