by parkermom 18 Mar 2020

I need to make labels for my mother-in-law's clothes at the nursing center. I can't find a free tiny font to use. Is there one here on Cute?


by sewpam 18 Mar 2020

I do not know of a small font on Cute. If you have decorative font stitches on your sewing machine they work good and no hooping but not as pretty as a hooped font. When you find a tiny font use 60wt embroidery thread which is the same as bobbin thread and a small needle such as 65/9. Hope this helps.

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maymason1 by maymason1 18 Mar 2020

If you want iron on look at or you can call them at 877-635-2235 (affordable),

by dragonflyer 18 Mar 2020

Is it just her name you need? I would be happy to digitize that for you. Send me a PM if you need my help.

pennifold by pennifold 18 Mar 2020

Ah! Kim, You are always the first to offer help. God bless your little cotton socks! Love Chris

parkermom by parkermom 30 Mar 2020

Thank you--I just finally saw this. I used the built-in font on my machine and black bobbin thread to make small labels with her name for her slippers.

parkermom by parkermom 30 Mar 2020

I so appreciate your offer to digitize her name. Thank you again.