by anitapatch 17 Mar 2020

I am not complaining, just wonder if what once cuteembroidery had. People could show what they had digitized and we could all donload for free. Why canĀ“t this begin again from scratch. A new beginning a new way


by hightechgrammy 22 Mar 2020

That was a wonderful way to share all our sister Cuties designed. But, I do know it was being abused. Some people would digitize licensed images and put them up. People also "ripped" off some of the designs and then sold them in packages online. It was just too much for one person to monitor. Perhaps, if there were a special group to monitor it, it would be so nice! I'd like to be able to change my photo ID can we do that?

by pennyhal2 22 Mar 2020

While I miss that function, it was being abused. I really don't it to come back as I had no way to know what was legit and what wasn't.

by gramsbear 19 Mar 2020

As with a lot of things in this world, a few people ruined it for all. There were rules, but some didn't think they applied to all of us. I miss DBC also, BUT we have to abide by the rules, and as some have difficulty with that, I really don't expect it back at all! I just sent a request to another Cutie and she sent the design she had made right away. I Thank her so much!. Hugs, Judy...

by mops Moderator 19 Mar 2020

We can still show what we digitised and most of us are more than willing to digitise for someone else when asked in a PM.
As for restarting that page, it would take a lot of time monitoring to keep it legal and once bitten, twice shy.

by rescuer Moderator 17 Mar 2020

We are just going to let Miss Veronika decide what to do. I know many people miss it, but Miss Veronika should be the one to decide.

anitapatch by anitapatch 17 Mar 2020

OK. Hope she whant to get starting again.

anitapatch by anitapatch 17 Mar 2020

ment a startup

maymason1 by maymason1 22 Mar 2020

I really enjoyed getting new designs that were not on other sites, I vote to start it up again. sometimes I visit sewform to get new and different designs.// mm

anitapatch by anitapatch 23 Mar 2020

So do I. And there was another one , good, but it is also closed