by maleah 04 Mar 2020

Good morning Cuties. Just letting you know that I live in Sparta, Tn - 30 miles from Cookeville where the tornado went through. We did have the very strong winds that made the trees do the hula to the sound of roaring trains.We are blessed that we live on top of a mountain and the tornado skidded along side of the mountain. Please pray for all those that have lost love ones and had their homes distroyed. Thank you.


by lbrow 06 Mar 2020

Not all that far from you here in Alabama and we have all been praying .

by awesome1 05 Mar 2020

We lost 19 lives and 8 still missing. Devastating! Total destruction of so many homes. I am just few miles from worst, but have insulation, clothing, siding, trash in my yard & on my roof. I am safe and praying for all the families. Our community has come together to help all. Pls keep us all in your prayers.

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rescuer by rescuer 06 Mar 2020

I am so glad you are safe! Prayers continue....

by rescuer Moderator 05 Mar 2020

So devastating! Thank you for checking in. Prayers for all those that have lost so much!

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Mar 2020

The loss of lives brakes my heart. The devastation is horrendous. Prayers are with the people affected. Makes me feel helpless with so much pain in the world

by graceandham 04 Mar 2020

I live a few miles from Beauregard, AL where the killing tornado hit last year, so believe me, the people of this area are praying for everyone effected. They were having their 1 year memorial service yesterday and there is still much more recovery to go.