by sewpam ( edited 27 Feb 2020 ) 24 Feb 2020

Hi everyone. I would like everyone's input whether or not to fix the design flaw on this quilt started for my granddaughter before I go any farther. My anal part of me says yes fix it, the other part says I really don't want to take the time to fix it and will a seven year old notice. Aunt Annie I would like to hear from you too.

Hi everyone. I want to thank everyone for looking and commenting. After looking at the work in progress for a couple of days and reading the posts, I have decided there will not be any changes. There is still the outer blocks to finish so if the blocks are moved now, the outside would need to be redesigned. The plan is to finish it as a quilt as you go, something I have not tried before. I will post pictures when it is finished.


by jrob Moderator 26 Feb 2020

Your call, but I too am very picky. Here's what I noticed. IF you make the two strips down the middle panel edges just 1 bit bigger and stitch them down covering where the loose part is, it will look intentional as long as you do both sides of center.

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sewpam by sewpam 26 Feb 2020

The strips are not sewn together. I quit working on it to decide if the ballerinas need repositioned. Thank you for looking and your comment.

by pennifold 26 Feb 2020

Well Pam, I love it the way it is and I for one, always make a deliberate flaw in all my quilts. That way it's unique. It really isn't that obvious unless someone points it out. And honestly your 7 year old will absolutely love the Ballerinas and all the work and love that has gone into making it. Well done, love Chris

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sewpam by sewpam 26 Feb 2020

Thanks Chris. I have decided not to change anything.

by AuntAnnie 26 Feb 2020

Okay, lil sis, you asked for my opinion... It's for a 7-year-old!!! Do you really think she will notice and critique you or dislike the quilt any more because of a nearly impossible to locate flipped block? It will be out of your sight once you gift it to her. (Weigh your time and effort to take apart the one block against the value of "perfection.") The quilt is perfect just the way it is--well, once completed, anyway. We are our own worst critics. Remember the angel I made at Christmas? I pointed out all the flaws and you commented that those flaws made it different from all others and gave additional texture and shimmer that you really liked.

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sewpam by sewpam edited 26 Feb 2020

I needed to hear that from you. You are right I am my worst critic. Did you notice the "bee" and the "wild flower" fabric you gave me. I think it looks good. Thank you. I did not see any flaws in the angel.

by pennyhal2 25 Feb 2020

I think that this is a personal decision. I usually prefer to fix mistakes because otherwise I'd always be bothered by knowing it isn't as good as it could be. At times, I don't bother like when I made a big mistake in the quilt I made for my dog. My dog still loved it! In this case, I'd definitely would fix it because it is for your grandaughter.

by clintonmiss22 25 Feb 2020

Finally, after two days of looking, I reread the comments and see what you call a mistake. Seems like an easy fix. Won't just swapping two blocks fix it? Your granddaughter should love this!!

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sewpam by sewpam 25 Feb 2020

Oh I whish it was that easy. What is shown in the picture will be the center of the quilt, on the outside will have same blocks but not the fancy ballerinas. So if the decision is made to fix the error, the outside will also need to be redesigned. The good news, I have not started on the outside. I appreciate your feed back.

by killiecrankie 24 Feb 2020

Until I read your answer to the comment about the sashing ,it was the only thing I could see wrong.The ballerinas are lovely.If it the mistake annoys you a lot ,fix it now ,otherwise it probably annoy you every time you see the finished quilt

by mariagiannina 24 Feb 2020

Looks good, but, yes, I would fix it, My friends call me pedantic!

by shirley124 24 Feb 2020

Looks beautiful, but yes I would have to fix it. My mother taught me if a job is worth doing it is worth doing properly. Just the same a 7 year old would most likely not notice. Hugs

by sonjapotgieter 24 Feb 2020

I am a Quilter and Can not see your mistake!!!Not all work is Perfect!!!Stunning

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sewpam by sewpam 25 Feb 2020

Thank you. I am still looking at it to see how much it bothers me. It is starting to be less bothersome.

by brendalea 24 Feb 2020

I would fix it,every time you look at it you will see the mistake.
You wouldn't be satisfied otherwise. Lovely quilt
Happy Stitching :-)

by basketkase 24 Feb 2020

Because I am not a quilter I am always impressed and amazed by what all you quilters produce, therefore I think it is wonderful the way it is!

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Feb 2020

I do not see it. One would have to have a very critical eye. Do you know that the Amish do mistakes on purpose? Just proves that it was not mass manufactured. 😊😊.

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sewpam by sewpam 25 Feb 2020

I like their way of thinking. Thank you for your comment.

by queenofhearts 24 Feb 2020

I don't think the ballerinas need fixing but what jumps out at me is the sashing, or whatever the strip of fabric is called that borders the blocks. The one long strip needs to be resewn. To me that is a glaring mistake and over time will fray.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 24 Feb 2020

I think she just laid it down to show. That one long strip is not sewn yet.

sewpam by sewpam 24 Feb 2020

It is not completely sewn together yet. The four blocks going up and down are sewn but the three rows side by side are not sewn yet. When finished it will be twin bed size.

by carolsteel 24 Feb 2020

Hi the quilt is great, you can hardly notice it

by gwillmann 24 Feb 2020

I think it is beautiful. Now for my opinion: If you are going to see the quilt often and it bothers you then fix it. If you probably won't see the quilt again, don't worry about it. Don't mention the 'problem' to your child or granddaughter and it will probably not be noticed. It may even become a funny story some day.

by noah 24 Feb 2020

I would fix it because that's what I would do . An older lady taught me and she was a ripper lol had to be close to perfect or I had to rip it:);)

toogie by toogie 24 Feb 2020

I always do too Carolyn. I wouldn't be satisfied otherwise.

noah by noah 24 Feb 2020

yes cause every time u look at it you see the mistake lol:):)

sewpam by sewpam 24 Feb 2020

My seam ripper and I are very close friends.

by mrskiki 24 Feb 2020

I am not a quilter and do not see any flaw. It is adorable ands will love it. 😍 Hugs > Nan

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sewpam by sewpam 24 Feb 2020


by lidiad 24 Feb 2020

Fault? What fault? Well done!
Hugs, Lidia

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sewpam by sewpam 24 Feb 2020

Thank you Lidia. Your comment put a smile on my face.

by mops Moderator 24 Feb 2020

I love it as it is. Are you talking about the placement of the blocks? That seems a bit random, but due to the use of all those colourful rectangles and squares it needs a very critical eye to call it a design flaw.

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sewpam by sewpam 24 Feb 2020

Yes the placement of one ballerina. Thank you for you response, it is helping me make up my mind.

by blueeyedblonde 24 Feb 2020

Looks very pretty!
I don't notice a design flaw, but you could always say it was on purpose to show not all things are perfect.

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sewpam by sewpam 24 Feb 2020

Thank you. Your are sooo very correct. I am giving it another day or two to look at it before the final decision is made.

by toogie 24 Feb 2020

I'm not sure what you're talking about, but if there is something to be fixed now is the time to fix it, before it is quilted. I love the little ballerinas and actually have a piece of one of the fabrics.

sewpam by sewpam 24 Feb 2020

Thanks Toogie, that is good to hear, that means it might not be noticed except by myself. Which piece of fabric do you have? All of the fabric has been from my stash.

toogie by toogie 24 Feb 2020

I have the fabric that is on the bottom left corner, if the quilt is upright.

sewpam by sewpam 24 Feb 2020

I am still trying to figure out which way to hold the phone to take a picture for this site. That is a fun piece of fabric. I have used it in other projects too.