by shirlener88 22 Feb 2020

n honor of what would be my Mother's 92nd Birthday, I am posting this picture. Loretta Jean Greenman February 22, 1928 - February 11, 2010 - she past 11 days before her 82nd Birthday. I do miss her greatly and she is my guardian angel & I feel her presents often, she guides me on numerous occasions. <3 <3


by jrob Moderator 27 Feb 2020

Look at that beauty! She was so much fun. I just loved having spirited conversations with her. I'll forever be sorry that I never got to meet her in person.

by shirlener88 27 Feb 2020

thank you each for your great memories & what a nice thing to see so many of you remember Miss Loretta! Love & Hugs

by stork 26 Feb 2020

What a wonderful photo collage! Cherish those wonderful memories. God bless.

by gerryb 26 Feb 2020

I remember her. Many of us do. Thinking about you. Mom's are special and will always be missed.

by cfidl 25 Feb 2020

You both were blessed to have each other, just as your children are to have you. Happy Birthday! and Happy Stitching!

by dailylaundry 24 Feb 2020

I have been traveling and just saw this! I haven't forgotten Miss Loretta!! Shirlene - Thank you for sharing your collage of pictures of her! I love looking through them! I also remember the scholarship Miss Veronika offered in your dear Mother's name! Miss you my friend! Hope you are feeling and doing well! Happy Birthday, to Miss Loretta! Hugs and love, Laura

by lbrow 24 Feb 2020

Remember her well Shirlene and the nice act of Ms V. Creating a Scholarship in her memory.

by dragonflyer 23 Feb 2020

What a lovely collage of photos of Miss Loretta....

by gerryvb 23 Feb 2020

happy birthday with your mom, I'm sure she looks after you as a guardian angel. the Cute members who come here since a long time will remember miss do I.
Hope you are fine, it's good to see you here now. Thank you for sharing the lovely collection of pictures of your mom. She will always have that special place in your heart. Hugs )))) Gerry

by mrskiki 23 Feb 2020

What a lovely collage. Seems no matter how long they are gone we still miss them. Hugs. Nan

by pennifold 22 Feb 2020

Great piccies of Miss Loretta Shirlene. I still remember the Miss Loretta Scholarship on here when I first joined. Your Mum died the same year as my Dad. Love Chris

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asterixsew by asterixsew 23 Feb 2020

Many of us 'older' members will remember Miss Loretta and the scholarship

by asterixsew Moderator 22 Feb 2020

What a lovely collections of pictures of Loretta/ your mother. Great to see you here dear and hope all is well with you.

by lidiad 22 Feb 2020

Nice to see you Shirlene. How are you? Thanks for posting a great collection of pictures of your Mum.
Hugs, Lidia