by jenne 18 Feb 2020

A year or so ago I bought a piping foot , so yesterday I used it to put piping down the front of a cardigan sweater i was making, turn out great and so easy to do.


by sebsews 20 Feb 2020

I have used ready made piping long ago. I may get a piping foot or try the zipper foot method. Thanks for the ideas.

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jenne by jenne 20 Feb 2020

The piping foot in opinion is the best if you want it professional looking, I tried both.

by toogie 19 Feb 2020

I’m not even sure what a piping foot looks like or if I would know how to use it. I’ve always made my own with a zipper foot like Christine. Can you show us the foot and how it works with the cord?

mops by mops 19 Feb 2020

You fold your fabric around the cord as usual. The foot has a groove in the underside so your fabric and cord do not slip and your stitching is always the exact same distance from the cord. When you do a lot of piping it is worth the money, otherwise a zipper foot will do.

jenne by jenne 20 Feb 2020

I would think (I did not check ) that on you tube you could see how it worked.

by crafter2243 Moderator 19 Feb 2020

One of these days I will use some of those sewing machine feet I have.

by mops Moderator 18 Feb 2020

Those special feet are ideal for the purpose they are made for. I have two - one for 4 mm cords used in upholstery and one for thinner ones, for clothing etc. A zipper foot will do nicely as well, but the (deep) channel in the piping foot makes life just a bit easier when doing considerable lengths. I first used it years ago to put piping along the trail of my daughter's wedding dress. I now realise that was 25 years ago - how time flies!

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sebsews by sebsews 20 Feb 2020

Did you make the wedding dress? I am sure Cuties would love to see a picture of the dress.

by cfidl 18 Feb 2020

I think I have one of those. I remember making piping but I used a zipper foot. I like easy and will look it up when I can.