by noah 7d ago

Saw these designs on Sick tonight and thought they would make a lovely Quilt. There a set of 10 .What do u think??These are 8x8Thanks for LQQKINGHugs Carolyn+


by marianb 6d ago

Beautiful design, it will be beautiful.

by blueeyedblonde 6d ago


by shirley124 6d ago

Beautiful. Hugs

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noah by noah 6d ago

Hello nice to see you Shirley hows the snow at your end??

by robertahilde 6d ago

The designs are lovely Carolyn, will look great in a quilt !

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noah by noah 6d ago

Thanks Roberta

by basketkase 7d ago

Carolyn, this is would make a gorgeous quilt or runner!

robertahilde by robertahilde 6d ago

Never thought using quilting blocks to make a table runner,
Thank you for the suggestion: must be fun!

noah by noah 6d ago

it comes in a few different sizes so it would make a great table runner thanks

by toogie 7d ago

Lovely! You could also alternate with white block & green stitching and set them on point. Wish I was good enough to free motion those feathers.

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noah by noah 7d ago

You and me both thanks:):)

by gerryvb 7d ago

beautiful !!

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noah by noah 7d ago

Thanks Jerry

by queenofhearts 7d ago

This will make a beautiful quilt.
The hard part will be choosing the colors. Will yours be all white on green?

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noah by noah 7d ago

I think sew but not sure yet ??hugs xxx

by sewtired 7d ago

Yes, this will be quite lovely in a quilt! I envy your hoop size.

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toogie by toogie 7d ago

Me too!

by sonjapotgieter 7d ago

They so Beautiful!! Would be so Stunning!!!

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noah by noah 7d ago

Thanks Sonja hugs

by dragonflyer 7d ago

Should be lovely!

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noah by noah 7d ago


by jenne 7d ago

Lovely, will make a beautiful quilt , what other colors will u put with these?

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noah by noah 7d ago

All green background as my Sons Wife loves Green.

by pennifold 7d ago

Gorgeous I love the feathery look of them. It’s going to be a great quilt. Love Chris

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noah by noah 7d ago

thanks 4 looking hugs4u2

by cfidl 7d ago

Very nice. That looks like a large hoop. What size is it?

mops by mops 7d ago

It is the 200mm square hoop, or just under 7.9".

noah by noah 7d ago

yes 7.9x7.9 thanks Mops

by mops Moderator 7d ago

That's a lovely design, it will look great in a quilt.
I find 10 designs in a set a slightly awkward number when doing a quilt, but mirroring designs helps to get more squares that are not exactly the same.

noah by noah 7d ago

Ahhhhhh fine idea thanks

sewtired by sewtired 7d ago

It is a shame they don't make these sets with 12 designs, much easier for quilt placement, Great idea about mirroring.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 7d ago

Thanks for the hint!

by asterixsew Moderator 7d ago

Carolyn this is going to be a beautiful quilt

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noah by noah 7d ago

thanksevery rose is different

by vickiannette 7d ago

yes, I can see a nice quilt with this design set. Be keen to see how you go with it.

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noah by noah 7d ago

thanks Vicki hugs