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by anitapatch ( edited 09 Feb 2020 ) 08 Feb 2020

If you want to do a diferent termination on your jersey sweather, you can take advantage of that your fabric rolls. Made so on my yellow cardigan


by pennifold 09 Feb 2020

You are a clever lady Anita. Great job on the cardigan. Love Chris

by toogie 08 Feb 2020

If I understand correctly, you re-fashioned the neckline and added a pocket. I have taken a center pleat in a couple of my tops, when the neckline came too low for my liking or gaped open. It is always better to adjust to your liking, than not to wear at all. I love the butter yellow color.

anitapatch by anitapatch 09 Feb 2020

No not quite that. I have sewn the cardigan. The fabric comes from Japan bought it in Barcelona. But i made the neckline with a piece of the knit that rolles. Show you on a photo

anitapatch by anitapatch 09 Feb 2020

Found how to make it on Pinterest dk. But can´t open the page sorry can´t give you a link