by basketkase 30 Jan 2020

I was so nervous doing this jacket, as I didn't want to have to replace it if I made a mistake. This customer got this genuine Chevy jacket for Christmas and wanted his 57 chevy put on the back, so I digitized off his pic and then stitched it out (after his approval) today. I hope he likes it....the car is 12" long and there were 53,000 stitches....the first pic is the photo I had to work off of....


by missqueenbee47 11 Feb 2020

you did a fantastic job - it's beautiful

by gerryb 01 Feb 2020

That is awesome! But I'd expect nothing less..I know your work! I know he was pleased!

by sebsews 01 Feb 2020

Absolutely fantastic! Another great job!

by pennifold 31 Jan 2020

WOW WOW WOW! Your attention to detail Vicki is just awesome. I am so impressed with your digitising skills. You always get the design perfectly placed on the garment too. He will be super impressed with how it has turned out. Fabulous work, you deserve awards!!! Love Chris

by gwillmann 31 Jan 2020

Great job! That looks perfect to me. Love your attention to detail.

by sdrise edited 31 Jan 2020

I think he is going to LOVE it!! Came out so great,.... Great job as always my friend! My uncle had a car just like this. I remember it so well as a kid. .. He loved that car Brought back memories!

by dragonflyer 31 Jan 2020

Well now, there's a blast from my past! Great job, Vicki!

by carolpountney 31 Jan 2020

You are one clever lady your work is fabulous

by kathymourie 31 Jan 2020

OMG! Vicki it is gorgeous! My friend restored '57 Chevrolet's when we were young! lol I know he would love this! What a great job you did.

by airyfairy 31 Jan 2020

I can so understand you being nervous. Brilliant job Vicki. Your client will love it and rightly so.

by momac 31 Jan 2020

Fantastic work Vicki. You are very talented with your digitising. Hugs from Maureen

by lildoll2 31 Jan 2020

you out done your self beautiful job ,, doris

by sewmadau 31 Jan 2020

How could he not like it. Simply beautiful.

by fbusby1 30 Jan 2020

Beautiful job.

by mranderson 30 Jan 2020

Wow!!!!!! you have done a great job replicating this car for your customer. I am sure he will be over the moon with the work that you have done. Hugs

by mariagiannina 30 Jan 2020

What a brilliant job you've done! I'm sure he'll be very happy with it!

by brendalea 30 Jan 2020

Jacket turned out very nice. Car is very nice also. Would like one day to do digitizing of my hubby Le Camino. Happy Stitching :-)

by noah 30 Jan 2020

I think he will love it u did an excellent job

by stork 30 Jan 2020

WOW!!!! That is totally awesome and spot on! What a perfect stitch out. You do such awesome and amazing work. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece.

by lilylady 30 Jan 2020

You are sew talented ! It is beautiful!

by graceandham 30 Jan 2020

I hope you charged him like rip! That was a huge undertaking. Really awesome job in total.

by topcat5 30 Jan 2020

Just beautiful!