by basketkase 21d ago

I had to buy these little critters.......I love them and hope you do too...there will be 7 in this are the first 4....They are called Safari 1-4 and will be up on my website tonight.....


by marianb 18d ago

Very cute..

by pennifold 20d ago

These are great Vicki, well done. Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 20d ago

So pretty and cute!!!

by noah 20d ago

Love them great job Vicki Girly!!!

by graceandham 20d ago

My new blood donor t shirt says: "I did it. Toucan too. Give blood." Just a thought for how to use this cute bird design!

noah by noah 20d ago

No way I would give blood I went in to see what they do and left after a Quick peek before I fainted lol

graceandham by graceandham 20d ago

Don't look! I know ten people saved my life with the units I needed after surgery when my children were babes still and I've been paying back ever since. It's a gratitude thing. I've gotten 35 extra years so far!