by noah 26 Jan 2020

Heres what it looks like outside my door today,the first few are my house as me and Mr. Peeko go for our walk In some places the snowbanks are up to my shoulder or higher.,Hope you enjoyed our walk?Hugs Carolyn


by castor 28 Jan 2020

beautiful Photos can you please send some Snow to us Down Under to cool us down There is no Rain forecast for the Mid South Coast where I live The Heatwave [40 c] just keeps going on The Ground is bone dry Fires are still burning in the National Parks We can only hope the Weather goes back to normal soon hugs Ursula

by killiecrankie 28 Jan 2020

Sitting here ,its about 30C with high humidity & thunder rolling around.It will probably be another storm ,all noise & no action (rain ), we seem to miss out on the rain here.These photos do make you feel cooler.
We have been arguing about how hot, our hot water should be for the past few days.The cold water is quiet warm & it didn't make a difference until now.Showers are all hot water just as well it is summer ,wouldn't fancy this in winter.The electrician came ,it isn't the hot water systems fault .The electricity company has to come out to fix the meter box,

by asterixsew Moderator 27 Jan 2020

Great pictures Carolyn but I am happy to keep the rain that we have had a lot of this winter instead of your snow

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by shirley124 edited 28 Jan 2020

There is still hope yet for finding your teeth. That external hard drive of mine took 11 years before it showed up. Even survived a house move.. Hugs

by kustomkuddle 27 Jan 2020

I remember winters like this when I was younger. We don't get as much snow anymore. Thank you for the memories!

by stork 27 Jan 2020

It looks pretty on the trees. I remember snows like that when I lived in Rome, NY.

by cfidl 27 Jan 2020

I love snow on the tree branches! The snowbanks I can live without. Thank you for sharing your walk. It made me appreciate my mild winter.

by gerryvb 27 Jan 2020

a winter's beautiful, but try to stay warm, thank you for the walk and hugs))))

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noah by noah 27 Jan 2020

My pleasure Gerry:):)

by marianb 27 Jan 2020

I'm sitting here munching on a glass full of ice trying to cool down, I think you photo's are working to make me cooler quicker. When we come over it will be late Spring so hope the weather will be nicer.

noah by noah 27 Jan 2020

still snow in the bush then and on side of the roads and don't make it to late or the black flies will run off with you ok??

marianb by marianb 28 Jan 2020

ok will keep that in mind.

by sewtired 26 Jan 2020

Your pictures are lovely Carolyn. Glad you are staying warm. We got lots of precipitation last night - all rain. We've had a lot lately, hope it stops for awhile. I'm tired of being soggy. I do have a sign of spring. I have a narcissus blooming! I'll have to try to remember to take a picture tomorrow and post it. Grace

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noah by noah 27 Jan 2020

oh you are blessed yes show me please .

by toogie 26 Jan 2020

I can imagine it’s very quiet, with everyone inside seeking warmth. I know I would be! Lovely winter photos- thanks for sharing. How is John? Did you ever find what you lost?

1 comment
noah by noah 27 Jan 2020

NO teeth yet:(:(John is not well still can't sleep still hurting

by vkggal 26 Jan 2020

Beautiful, but, that little guy needs snow boots...…

1 comment
noah by noah 27 Jan 2020

His fur is really thick and he don;t get cold if he does i carry him till he warms up and wants down lol

by robertahilde 26 Jan 2020

Can I come for a visit? This looks magical to me!
With the warmest hugs - Roberta

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noah by noah 27 Jan 2020

Yes u sure can i need a teacher

by shirley124 26 Jan 2020

Far to cold and snowy for me. I do not know how you cope with it. Hugs

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noah by noah 26 Jan 2020

I learned real fast :):)hugs

by clintonmiss22 26 Jan 2020

Brrrr! More winter than I need. Beautiful pictures!! Does Mr. Peeko not need socks on his paws?

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noah by noah 26 Jan 2020

Nope he will not ware then if it is -40 i carry him till he warms up

by dailylaundry 26 Jan 2020

Yikes!! We have some snow in Michigan and it is downright cold - but you got us beat!! Stay warm!

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noah by noah 26 Jan 2020

Oh i am the wood fire starter and keep her going it ranges between 75-80 in my home :):)

by pennifold 26 Jan 2020

Well Carolyn, it looks like a winter wonderland to me. I wish we could get some of it downunder. We've had the worst summer on record so far! We've had a bit of rain here in Newcastle on Saturday, but yesterday (Sunday was hot and humid in the mid to high 30's Celsius!)
Today is the Australia Day holiday and it's overcast and humid outside. I've just been out sweeping down the driveway from leaves from the Jacaranda/Wisteria trees and lawn clippings from Trev's job cutting the lawns yesterday. I'm now inside with the air conditioner on 23C and I'm still perspiring! I'll need about 20 mins to cool off! Love Chris

shirley124 by shirley124 26 Jan 2020

Send some of your warm air down here to Tassie. We are wearing our same clothes we wear in the winter. We have only had a couple of days where I have got into summer clothes.

noah by noah 26 Jan 2020

Well drive on over and we will pack u some snow in a cooler lol

by jenne 26 Jan 2020

Maybe this will help me I have been wanting some snow, we get some maybe one or twice in a winter I live in NC.

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noah by noah 26 Jan 2020

Well, then u are truly blessed I wish we got less but this is were God planted us lol This has been a mild winter for us not as cold so i like that:):)

by dragonflyer 26 Jan 2020

Brrrrrrr....cold just looking at your pictures!

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noah by noah 26 Jan 2020

lol thanks Kim