by jenne 26 Jan 2020

I order a x stitch design from the repsentive was very nice tried to contract the designer but I didn't get any help from her It was my mistake I should have notice the design was a little to large for my janome machine which only uses a7.9x11 while the design was an 8. x11 oh well u live and learn I guess.


by asterixsew Moderator 27 Jan 2020

Good to hear that you have sorted the problem out and brilliant that Dragonflyer stepped in. I am sure that next time your looking for a design the last place you will look is from the unhelpful designer. Happy stitching with your sorted design and I look forward to seeing whatever you have created in Projects

asterixsew by asterixsew 27 Jan 2020

PS I have bought the incorrect size in the past a couple of times and have had the problem sorted by the seller without any hassles at all

jenne by jenne 27 Jan 2020

me 2 and got extra help, but not this time.

by jenne 27 Jan 2020

Not sure if I did what was right or not, but i did contract the Oregnpatchworks and let them know was not pleased with this designers help. Dragonflyer went the extra mile just to help me, Is it any wonder they say Cuties is the Best.

by cfidl 27 Jan 2020

I agree with Dragonflyer. Crossstitch is one of the few design styles that can be increased or reduced up to the machines constrained stitch lengths. This small amount should be no problem at all.

by mrskiki 27 Jan 2020

I would check with the designer before reducing. Some techniques are not meant to be resized. Hugs. Nan

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by dragonflyer edited 26 Jan 2020

You should be able to reduce the size in the free TruSizer software available from is the link. It works very well and is very easy to use...The reduced size is so minimal it should not even be noticeable in the stitches.

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jenne by jenne 26 Jan 2020

Thanks , I do have this type of software.

by gramsbear 26 Jan 2020

If you do not have software, there are several free ones out there to download free. Google search to see what is available, maybe, I am not sure which are available at this time. Hugs, Judy...

by annsown 26 Jan 2020

Do you have any software that you could made the design slightly smaller?

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jenne by jenne 26 Jan 2020

I do, can you make x stitch smaller or Larger?