by jenne 24 Jan 2020

What do u do when u make a Big boo with you embroidery? I decided to try and save it. am working on the idea I came up with.


by jenne 25 Jan 2020

Here is what I decided to do, the jacket was to have x stitch at bottom of the jacket , but I used the wrong color and the part that was to length the design got turned in the wrong direction I though about it for a day instead of trashing it, I redesigned the jacket cutting off the bottom and adding a color the go well with the sweat shirt color I cut it at sorta of an angle making it concave and convicts with top stitching along the seam plan to do a decorative stitch but the sweatshirt material the stitches just buried into the knit so I just used a regular stitch then I will put some small beads along the seam as well. I also reaped the design on the sleeves and Liked the effect. will put a picture on cuties when it is all finished.

by anitapatch 25 Jan 2020

You can put on a button, special one or a tiny bow

by pennifold 25 Jan 2020

I've had a couple of times where it has been too hard to even unpick, so the first one went into the bin. The other time I unpicked all the stitching, took hours, but it was worth it. Haven't done any mistakes since. Touch wood!!!! Love Chris

by stock 24 Jan 2020

I have tiny hearts, stars &, butterflys in my machine memory, and just cover holes etc...wendy

by vkggal 24 Jan 2020

Many years ago I embroidered fabric for a cornice board. It was more than 60 inches long. I had embroidered some 59 designs and had one more to go. That last one was a hot mess because I had switched from 40 wt. to 12 wt. thread. Needless to say I was sick. I decided I had to try to save it. I cut that part out as close to embroidered part as possible, put a piece of the fabric behind the hole, enlarged the design enough to cover the hole and tried again with 40 wt. thread. All was well. The cornice has been in my sewing room for almost 20 years and I still love it!
I must admit if it is something that is not very important to me, I usually file it in 13...……
Good luck with saving your project as I know that can be heart breaking when things don't turn out as we expect.

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graceandham by graceandham 24 Jan 2020

For our non-American sisters, File 13 is the trash can.

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by graceandham edited 24 Jan 2020

Okay I've used both of those solutions. My first big goof, I hooped a tiny infant sweater by rolling it around the hoop, like a onesie. I stitched a monkey on it and when I de-hooped, OOPS! Monkey was upside down. I keep it near my machine to remind me of how easy it is to mess up. The other one I keep was a very tall design on a sweatshirt, which I hooped maybe 2 degrees off of straight. I named that sweatshirt "Eileen". Sometimes, you just save the goof for practice cloth or stitchouts, then pitch. Once in a great while I try picking out the goof, but it's no fun.

by noah 24 Jan 2020

put it in the dump or i burn it in my stove lol

by maymason1 24 Jan 2020

cover it with applique :)