by noah 22 Jan 2020

Today I made 2 pillows to go with my Quilt I hate Long projects and the Quilt is taking months So I decided to do pillows today as a little something different and when the Quilt is done the pillow will be ready lol.The design is called double Irish Chain from excels site Thanks for LQQKING Hugs Carolyn


by toogie 25 Jan 2020

Nice pillow, I haven't seen an Irish Chain that I haven't liked! Quilts aren't fast for sure but don't take too long a break. It will end up a UFO. (un-finished object) ask me how I know....

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noah by noah 25 Jan 2020

yes thats ,my fear lol

by babash 24 Jan 2020

Lovely Pillows looks so elegant and timeless.

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noah by noah 24 Jan 2020

Thanks for dropping By Carolyn

by peafarm 23 Jan 2020

This is beautiful Carolyn. That is what I have to do when too long of a project--that is why I have so many lol....looks like 4 squares and sew together? I am working on small things right now. You keep up your good work my friend.

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noah by noah 23 Jan 2020

Thank-you u Mrs. Pea farmer i sure will try hugs xx

by dragonflyer 23 Jan 2020

Beautiful! Great job, Carolyn....

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noah by noah 23 Jan 2020

Thanks Kim hugs xx

by sonjapotgieter 23 Jan 2020

They so Beautiful!!!Should be Awesome Quilt when completed!! Challenge is on!!!

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noah by noah 23 Jan 2020

Yes 4 sure thanks:):)

by blueeyedblonde 23 Jan 2020


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noah by noah 23 Jan 2020


by crazystitcher 22 Jan 2020

Oh my! This looks so gorgeous! Looks like a lot of work and you seem to have got the placement absolutely perfect. Look forward to seeing the matching quilt although I respect it must be a sizeable challenge. Thanks for inspiring us.

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noah by noah 22 Jan 2020

King size quilt I am row 5 I think i need like 20,oh well one day I will finish lol Thanks:):)

by graceandham 22 Jan 2020

This is awesomely gorgeous. Can you believe you made that with your machine? Can't wait to see the whole deal... no pressure. Really like the subtle colors, too.

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noah by noah 22 Jan 2020

yes 4 patches/squares to make one top But it is pretty Thanks for looking hugs xxx