by dragonflyer 21 Jan 2020

One if our dearest and longtime friends of almost 45 years has a rapidly deteriorating case of Alzheimer's so very sad. I taught her how to quilt in the very early '90's when her MIL passed away and left a quilt top unfinished. She wanted me to finish it, but I said nope, but I would teach her how, so she could finish it herself. She has been an avid quilter and my sewing, quilting and embroidery buddy since 1990... Her family asked me to make her a Fiddle Mat to keep her hands and mind busy. This is what I came up with for her. I added family names, do dads to keep her busy and a clear pocket which photos can be put inside of and changed out with the season or occasion. I also added a button on the back and an elastic loop on one end so it can be rolled up and put in her purse. I am heartbroken that I had to do this or her, but happy that I could do it for her and her family... Thanks for looking Cuties....


by cantab 24 Jan 2020

Great ideal

by kustomkuddle 24 Jan 2020

A wonderful gift of love.

by peafarm 23 Jan 2020

Kim, you would not believe this but this is the very thing I need to see. Our homemaker council project is 2nd wk. of Feb and we are all making fidget or fiddle lap type blanks for the nursing home in my county. I did make my version of one for show next Monday at my sewing and embroidery group. My husbands brother in law in FL has had rapidly spreading Alzheimer's and in June my sister in law [his wife] passed away and 2 months later their son, 49 y/o passed away. My son is POA and we have been going to FL, quite a long long drive from my state to pack up a house, throw out, clean, give away and to visit him + son taking care of business when he can get away from his job. It is such an undertaking for my son. Trying to help with all I can. Your love of your friend shows in this project and I can only hope to help my brother in law since I've know him since I was just a kid. Thank you for some suggestions to put on our future mats.

by pennyhal2 22 Jan 2020

I can see how much you love her in every stitch you took. You really planned this out to get such a variety of colors and items. It is a diffcult disease and it is good that you are standing by her side.

by queenofhearts 22 Jan 2020

HUGS !!!

by sonjapotgieter 22 Jan 2020

Stunning work done!!

by stork 22 Jan 2020

The fiddle mat is a wonderful item for your friend. It is so heartbreaking when our friends and loved ones go thru this awful progression with Alzheimer. Prayers for you, your friend and her family.

by blueeyedblonde 22 Jan 2020

You've done a great job and she will get many hours of use!

by noah 21 Jan 2020

She will love it when I worked in a home they undid and did up buttons for hours and always thought I would make some but never have love yours:):)

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Jan 2020

A great piece of work and I have enjoyed reading about your friend and how this has been made with love

by dailylaundry 21 Jan 2020

This is a wonderful idea and you made it for her. This heartbeaking disease affects so many and it is so hard when she is such a good friend. It is truly a gift of love. Well done, Kim!! Hugs to you and prayers for your dear friend!

by graceandham 21 Jan 2020

I'm so glad you knew something to do constructive and from the heart in the face of this awful disease. So sorry you are gradually losing your friend and her memories of you two.

by basketkase 21 Jan 2020

What a fantastic project and you are such a wonderful friend to make this....all the fabric choices and bright colors will be so helpful....great job....