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by aussiequilter ( edited 17 Jan 2020 ) 17 Jan 2020

Im very excited Trevor is coming home for a 3 hour visit today..just to see how he copes with everything. Monday he is going in a hospital car to orange to have a coffee with the rehad nurse.

Thankyou for your continued prayer God is good

What a wonderful visit, trevor was able to go out the back to check out the veggies we have 2 steps ,he handled them like a trooper ,we had a lovely lunch of home grown tomatoes mmm so sweet .We feel very blessed that the DOM (director of nusres)took time on her day off to bring trevor home for this visit


by marianb 18 Jan 2020

Wonderful news glad the visit went so well, this will give him and you a much needed moral boost. Keep up the good work Trevor.

by graceandham 17 Jan 2020

Just touching base with home should help him to continue to improve! So glad. Still praying for all your future issues and situations and for strength for you.

by pennifold 17 Jan 2020

This is such encouraging news Monika. Continued prayers for you and Trevor. How have you coped with the heatwaves we've been having up there? Love Chris

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aussiequilter by aussiequilter edited 17 Jan 2020

The heat has been awful here Chris it was so hot Friday a week ago i lost 3 of my chickens while i was visiting Trevor at the hospital .they had trees to get under and plenty of water

by jrob Moderator 17 Jan 2020

Monkia, that sounds so encouraging! Keeping the prayers going.

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Jan 2020

Monika I am so happy for you. I will pray that the visit will be a good one and he will continue to improve.

by dailylaundry 17 Jan 2020

Awesome!!! Such good new! Prayers for continued healing!!! Thanks for the update!! Hugs, Laura