by crazystitcher 16 Jan 2020

Question for those who are familiar with the Brother Persona 100 (PRS100) and the Janome MB-7 please: Which machine do you think is really the better or most useful of these two? I like the idea of a free-arm embroidery machine, which I think they both are and I see the PRS is only a single needle machine versus the MB-7 having 7 needles on a single head, but are the extra needles that much advantage when they still only stitch out one at a time? I think the PRS 100 has a few more optional but fairly expensive attachments than the MB-7. Both machine have been around for a while and both have been on special discount prices recently - sometimes dealers offer dramatic specials on models that are soon to be made obsolete - do you think that will soon happen with these machines? Also I read about someone having a lot of hassles with the "open" bobbin housing for the MB-7 & tendency to frequent birds nests etc - has anyone had recurring problems with either of these machines please? -Not sure if this should be asked under Chat or Embroidery so hope its ok here.


by crazystitcher 17 Jan 2020

Update: I am so grateful for any experience or advice from our Cuties - at first I was going to rush in to grab what I thought might be a good deal but now think maybe I should tread carefully & wait a little until I can learn a bit more from all of you about these machines. Both dealers are too far away for me to "drop in for a demo". For me, it would still be a big step to take financially as well as a learning curve with a very different machine. Getting a reliable and capable machine service person for either machine in the Hunter Valley of NSW might not be easy.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 19 Jan 2020

I think you have made a wise decision by taking your time to do more "homework" before you jump in with both is a huge investment. There are lots of YouTube videos that you might look at too. Sounds like you are not getting enough for your trade in, might be better to keep it! Look for a gently used multi-needle like Brother or Baby Lock might be surprised at what you might find.

crazystitcher by crazystitcher 19 Feb 2020

Thanks again - will keep looking & investigating further first - also have just found a site where you can, for a relatively small fee, download the full service manuals for various machines - those manuals are educational in that they give you a clearer picture of things that can go wrong and be fiddly and possibly costly to fix as well as what lubrications etc should be done by your service-person - and sorry for not seeing your Jan 19th comment until now - have been a little busy & distracted with some medical issues - life's journey gets a little bumpy sometimes.

by mops Moderator 16 Jan 2020

I have an MB-4 and wish it had more needles. It is so much easier not to have to change colours all the time, especially when you have to do say 24 t-shirts.

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crazystitcher by crazystitcher 17 Jan 2020

Thanks very much, I will keep that in mind.

by dragonflyer 16 Jan 2020

It's hard to compare these two machines... the PRS has an open arm, but you still need to change out the thread for each color the same as you do for the standard single needle home embroidery machines. The MB-7 has 7 needles so you can set up 7 thread colors all at the same time and the machine will stitch from color to color without stopping. Big plus. I have the 10 needle Baby Lock Valiant and it is a huge time saver over my single needle combo Ellisimo. A friend of mine has two MB-7 machines and I have not heard a problem with the bobbin housing, so can't comment on that. I would test both machines. Also consider the distance to each dealer if it is not the same dealer. Also, these machines need service and I believe the MB-7 has a larger footprint and heavier to move to transport unless you can get in-home service. I have not tested either of these machines, but would lean more to the MB-7 over the PRS 100...I don't think you will gain much with the PRS 100 other than the free arm in comparing it to a standard single needle embroidery machine... Also hoop size might be a factor. Not sure how they compare. I also think the PRS 100 has a camera and snowman perfect placement. I might suggest you look at a gently used Baby Lock or Brother 10 needle machine...It might be in a similar price point if the other two are new out of the box. Big decision so do your homework....Keep us posted!

crazystitcher by crazystitcher 17 Jan 2020

Thank-you for all this good advice.
I'm in NSW, Aust. the dealer with the PRS100 is in QLD Aust. He had it on a late Chrismas - January special marked down frm his usual price by $Aust.3000, & I did approach him re trading in my Brother 6700D for which he said he would allow between 1000 & 1500, but he also is supposed to be a dealer who accepts payments through a certain interest-free finance company & when I said I wanted to opt to use them, at first, he wanted to double the price, then, when I said that was not acceptable, said he had made a mistake but that the price would still be increased by $750, but would consider accepting my 6700D, so the price was still higher & the trade-in less. I contacted the finance co and they said their finance was provided on the understanding that the dealer did not increase the price or reduce a discount if the customer opted to use that service so I became a bit wary as to how ethical that dealer is & had a look around & saw there is a dealer in Coburg Victoria Aust. offering the MB-7 at a price reduced by $5000.oo to the same price as others are asking for the MB-4, so both machines are a long way away, but no special reduced prices here in NSW

crazystitcher by crazystitcher 17 Jan 2020

sorry was trying to say above that the QLD dealer in addition to increasing the price by $750 also wanted to reduce the trade-in to $750.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 19 Jan 2020

Well, sounds like I would steer clear of that dealer! That is totally unacceptable in my book!