by noah 4d ago

Could someone please explain to me Ann the Grans site I read 3 free a week how doe that work???Thanks


by asterixsew Moderator 3d ago

No sorry. It’s a site I loved when I started ME but then it changed and I never got to understand how it functioned. Maybe your question will give me the answer I too have wondered.

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shirley124 by shirley124 3d ago

Same here.

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by dragonflyer edited 3d ago

As far as I know, you log in, put 3 free designs in the cart and check out...If you want more than 3 free in one week, you need to make a purchase....Basically the same free designs that and Embroidery have....they also allow 3 free per week.....

noah by noah 3d ago

ok i tried that and it didn't work will go try again Oh any three or is there a page for freebies???

noah by noah 3d ago

Ok you have to choose from there free designs, not anything you like AND it doesn't say if u purchased it befoe I choose the c/mas camper for 3xs lol Thanks Kim:):)