by basketkase 12 Jan 2020

Just a heads up about my website...we suffered a self inflicted technical wound yesterday....Jim was trying to clean up some data on our website and deleted something that was no no......thank heavens we have a great web host and they spent all day and night restoring our data.... am happy to say we are up and running now....


by pennifold 14 Jan 2020

Glad to hear that. It’s so important to have good techies!!! Love Chris

by hightechgrammy 13 Jan 2020

WHEW! So glad you got it back!

by zoefzoef 12 Jan 2020

Yes for having backups !!! most of the people hardly do..

by aldoom 12 Jan 2020

Making me happy again. Good news, but I had already gotten the new donkey designs, WHEW lmAo

by dailylaundry 12 Jan 2020

Great that everything was restored and you are up and running!! Hugs, Laura