by stock 10 Jan 2020

I have a large cone of emb. thread, and it is getting stuck when it gets to the base, breaking needles, have you got any ideas how to rewind the spool, except by putting it on bobbins...thanks wendy


by joannethesewinglady 12 Jan 2020

Hello there, the trick I've learnt in the past, is to use thread netting - see the attached images. You should be able to purchase a pack of webbing from your thread supplier or from your fabric store or at Amazon. It helps your thread to evenly feed off the spool and not get stuck on the bottom on burrs of the spool cone. I also agree that you should file down any hooks or burrs off your spool cone. Good Luck.

stock by stock 12 Jan 2020

its not burrs on the spool, its the way it is wound...wendy

joannethesewinglady by joannethesewinglady 12 Jan 2020

As it continues to occur, return it to the vendor who sold it. But try the webbing first. It's an inexpensive method. should work.

by Sewmum1 11 Jan 2020

I have a particular cone of thread that does this too. Its always when the thread reaches the lowest part of the cone. It's frustrating if I try to use the cone upright but I can still use it by laying it sideways in the thread stand that my husband made.
You could fashion something similar but cutting notches or holes at each end of a container and placing the spool on a skewer through the holes.

I have added the link to the original post with my thread stand

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stock by stock 13 Jan 2020

tried this, but my machine went into error, as it cannot make the spool turn just goes tight maybe the large spool is to heavy,,wendy

by rachap 11 Jan 2020

First, if it is a fairly new spool, could you take it back to where you purchased it , tell them the problem and see if they will replace it??
If you can't get a thread stand try putting the spool in a glass jar- like a canning/jelly jar, heavy enough so it won't tip over- and set it 10-12 inches away from your machine . just watch and make sure the thread does not get caught in the wheel on the end of your machine.

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 13 Jan 2020

This looks like a cross wound spool. Taking thread off of the side instead of the top may cause twisting of the thread, If it works for you, great!

by babash 11 Jan 2020

Check the cone to make sure there isn't a crack or something at the base that is catching the thread.
Try putting it on a thread stand and putting that on the floor so the thread has to come up further before going across to the machine.
I had this problem once with overlocker thread just the one cone and this worked.

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stock by stock 12 Jan 2020

not a split in cone,it is the way it is wound...wendy

by graceandham 11 Jan 2020

First, try it on a thread stand (under $20 in USA). Then, failing that, try it upside down on the thread stand. Sometimes with some machines the problem is whether the thread unwinds to the left or right. And, you may get cones from the same factory that unwind in either direction.

graceandham by graceandham 11 Jan 2020

As babash said, check for bumpy spot on the cone. I use an emery board to file off the bad place.

stock by stock 12 Jan 2020

tried upside down but did not help....wendy

by bielie 11 Jan 2020

Hi, I rewind on empty cotton reels. Saw somewhere that they glue a
bobbin of your machine on one end of empty spool so it fits on top of your
bobbin winder, and then fill spool. I hold the cone with my hand horizontally . Works for me. Lynette Hope it makes sense.

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stock by stock 12 Jan 2020

that sounds good, didn't think of using glue, thanks...wendy