by basketkase 12d ago

I needed some fun in my life today, so did these designs. Andi visited her mom in the southwest for Christmas and I now know where Andi got her love for animals. Her mom lives on a ranch and has all rescue animals....I did the donkeys to honor her rescued donkey....Ruth was scheduled for slaughter half way across the country and her mom had her shipped to her ranch....she is 30 yrs old these are all the words Andi used to describe her........they are called Donkey Fun and will be up on my website tonight.......


by Sewmum1 8d ago

These are great designs. Love them!

by aussiequilter 8d ago

Super cute

by kingmar 9d ago

LOL-so cute -especially like kick - very motivational

by sonjapotgieter 11d ago

Great designs

by gramsbear 12d ago

Darling designs!

by pennyhal2 12d ago

What cute personalities you captured in your designs! Cute!