by SUEF 05 Jan 2020

Hello, I downloaded the free version of Embrilliance software after reading someone on this sites post. Embrilliance allowed me to open a folder on my PC and see a small picture of the design with the number of thread colors, and number of stitches, and size of the design. Recently an apparent automatic update to my embroidery machine software that came with my H Viking Hclass 600E machine or the free version no longer allows me to see the number of thread colors, the size of the design, or the number of stitches if the design is in XXX format or VIP. Did anyone else run into this issue, and is there any way to remedy it?? It is inconvenient to open the software to view a design to see it's size stitch count etc. Thank you so much for your assistance. Sincerely, Sue


by babash 06 Jan 2020

Was the free version a permanent one or just a 30 day trial? If it had a time limit on it that could be your problem.

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SUEF by SUEF 06 Jan 2020

Hi, It was a permanent one, from Embrilliance, but it is just a simple version and does not have all the functional features, and the software that came with the HV sewing machine is what I need to use the machine. The thumbnails for the VIP & PES files now say 6D, but I can only view the details of the designs that are not VIP or XXX.

by rescuer Moderator 05 Jan 2020

I don't have either of your listed software, but it sounds like a file association problem. Find a file that isn't working and right click it. That should give you a list of things you can do with the file. One of them is (or should be)"open with." Select open with and choose the Thumbnailer. Follow all the prompts and you might have to reboot -- but it should fix it. If it works well, do it for the other file type.

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SUEF by SUEF 06 Jan 2020

Hello, I cannot open files from the file folders, and never could, but I could view the details of the designs and see what they looked like prior to recently. To actually open a design I had to open my HV software first, but it does not have a search feature--if I wanted a tree design, I cannot perform a search for example. If I do as you suggested, and right click and look at the properties of a PES design it says open with unknown, and a VIP under properties says open with Vsm Plugin GUI. Maybe that is why the details view is nolonger visible for the VIP designs. Thank you for trying to help. :) Sue