by pennifold 04 Jan 2020

Hi Cuties from the hot Hunter valley!! Whilst watching the cricket today I’ve been playing around with this beautiful Poinsettia. One down 39 to go! Once I’ve got the thing I’m doing with it I’ll post it. This will be a gift for my ladies luncheon this coming December. Love Chris

P.S. This design was done in the 8x8 hoop - old gold fabric, white, green, dark and light red and maroon. Takes a couple of hours to do one!


by basketkase 07 Jan 2020

My goodness, Chris......this is gorgeous....great stitching!!

by sonjapotgieter 07 Jan 2020

That is Sooo Stunning!!!

by pennifold 06 Jan 2020

Thanks everyone, I am on limited internet whilst on holidays, so haven't commented on every post. Love Chris

by blueeyedblonde 06 Jan 2020


by marianb 05 Jan 2020

Beautiful can't wait to see the finished project..

by sewmadau 04 Jan 2020

What a beautiful design, have to ask who is the digitiser. Is it embroidery and applique, 39 more to go Wow.
Such beautiful work,.

Are safe from the bushfires. Such a terrible for all.

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pennifold by pennifold 05 Jan 2020

Hi sewmadau, the digitiser is the one in the post under the picture. Yes, we are safe although very smoky. Love Chris

by graceandham 04 Jan 2020

Lovely. The yellow scallop really sets everything off for a smashing design.

by stork 04 Jan 2020

What a beautiful design. Love the fabrics and colors you have chosen. Great start to Christmas!

by shirley124 04 Jan 2020

Beautiful. Hugs

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Jan 2020

This is going to be a beautiful project. You amaze me for already starting your projects for your Christmas luncheon.

by cantab 04 Jan 2020

That is stunning. Going to be beautiful in finished piece Great job.

by pennyhal2 04 Jan 2020

I can hardly wait to see your completed project! Is it going to be a runner? or like a placemat/gift for your luncheon?

by dragonflyer 04 Jan 2020

Beautiful, Chris....Can't wait to see the finished table runners!

by lilylady 04 Jan 2020

Going to be beautiful!

by toogie 04 Jan 2020

Oh my Chris, this is beautiful. This must be a Sweet Pea design. I know what ever you make with it will be gorgeous.

by asterixsew Moderator 04 Jan 2020

Beautiful work Chris. I am always amazed at your forward planning. I am recovering from Christmas 2019 so 2020 is too far ahead to think about. Have fun inside with your machine.

by sebsews 04 Jan 2020

Your Poinsettia is beautiful. I am trying to figure what you will use 40 of them for. Is the red and green fabric felt?

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pennifold by pennifold 04 Jan 2020

Hi Suzanna, this is all done with cotton fabric. It will be s 5 piece runner. Ssh! Don’t tell Meg he he he. Love Chris