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by noah ( edited 29 Dec 2019 ) 29 Dec 2019

Can anyone help me. My Inbox shows 28 messages, but they are all old, they don't seem to clear. I want it to show 0 and then if a new PM comes in it will show as 1

Thanks Carolyn


by rescuer Moderator 30 Dec 2019

You don't have to reply to clear the red numbers -- just open the PM to read it. You don't need to create a new PM to answer the old one.

Also, if you need help or have a question for moderators - ask all of us in one PM. None of us spend 18 hours here. If you need help knowing how to ask all the moderators, there is a post about it in the Q&A section.
The Q&A has lots of posts to help navigate Cute.

jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 03 Jan 2020

Only worked on one of 6 messages.

rescuer by rescuer 06 Jan 2020

There must be more comments in PM's to show you still have messages. Keep trying.

by rescuer Moderator 29 Dec 2019

If you have a number in red, you have mail. If you open the mail, it will show one less -- because you saw/read the mail. You will have to open each PM until the red numbers go away. You don't need to reply to them all, but some may be waiting for your reply.

The link is to the post in the Q&A that explains it.

noah by noah 29 Dec 2019

Nope it has been like this for years like a long time and i replied to all believe me+++I went back years

noah by noah 29 Dec 2019

I did as u said and i got a few gone thanks will do more another day this kills my bad wrist Happy New Years My Friend!!!

JeanW by JeanW 30 Dec 2019

Thank you I now have nothing in my inbox. Happy New Year!!!!

rescuer by rescuer 30 Dec 2019

I am glad I could help. Happy New Year!

noah by noah 02 Jan 2020

Well i am down to 15 i half to go all the way back takes an hour plus lol