by lildoll2 28 Dec 2019

i had to give up using my temp0ridery june taylor spray, they changed the smell of it the odor is awful, i can;t breath, i refuse to wear a mask, does anyone else use gungold kk100, adhesive embroidery spray to help hold the fabric to the stablizer ?? or gungold 505 temporary adhesive spray ?? does it have a bad smell ? i just got 4 new cans of this june taylor spray , it is not the same stuff as i have always used.. please answer i need to know before i get anything else thank you cuties, and happy new year , doris


by jrob Moderator 01 Jan 2020

SulkyKK2000 is also a good product but these are adhesive products so we should always use caution when spraying. All-Stitch carries it as does Amazon.

by lildoll2 31 Dec 2019

thanks for the advice cuties , now where can i buy that 505 temperary spray, i have seen it on several sites , but almost 20.00 is a little high, plus shipping too, help please, and happy new year !!! 2020.. doris xoxo

by pcteddyb 31 Dec 2019

I use the Dritz too.

by 1953slvv 30 Dec 2019

I use a glue stick on the stabilizer.

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lildoll2 by lildoll2 31 Dec 2019

what kind of glue stick ?? does it work on poly-cotton ?? thanks .. doris

by AuntAnnie 29 Dec 2019

I use Dritz temporary spray. Always spray away from my work area and outside when the weather is good.

by dragonflyer 28 Dec 2019

I have used both KK100 and 505 sprays... I prefer the 505, but I am careful to only use it sparingly and in a well ventilated space. I have not used the June Taylor product.. I would call the manufacturer and file a complaint.

by graceandham 28 Dec 2019

Have always used the 505. I was taught to spray it outdoors and into a large cardboard box. I like the product very much.

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Dec 2019

I use the 505 spray BUT I never spray it in the room. I go out of my sewing room to use a spray as my sewing room is quite small and I don't wish to be inhaling sticky glue or having it settling on machines.