by sigridaklein 27 Dec 2019

In 2012 there were some super cute ITH potholders and mug rugs (with a CD/DVD inside) mentioned. They had the shape of a penguin and/or an owl.

I found the attached picture and 'thank you' notes but was not able where to find the design files, even though it was mentioned that they were a freebie by Sue.
Can anybody help me, please? I'd really love to get these.
Many thanks in advance!


by sewmadau 27 Dec 2019

I know just how you feel I don't do Facebook either. They are so cute but as I always say to myself dems the breaks. LOL

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Dec 2019

This file is not available here. You might find it on Sue's facebook page. She has a group called "Engineered in Stitches" they are free, however she is asking for a donation to a hospice organisation. I am not sure they will be included in her files.
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sigridaklein by sigridaklein 27 Dec 2019

Thank you very much, crafter2243, for your info. Sorry, I didn't see the Q&A before posting here. Do you want me to ask the question there again - especially since I don't do Facebook and would appreciate any other link/help.

rescuer by rescuer 27 Dec 2019

The only place you could get this design, would be from Sue on her Facebook group. There isn't another way.