by anitapatch 20 Dec 2019

Whant to show you cuties what we grow in our garden. Orange, lemon and eggs. I did put a eurocoin and an old swedish 5 Öre coin. So you can see that the orange are big and I can promise you they are sweet


by cfidl 21 Dec 2019

Everything looks delicious! I did not have a garden last year and all my perennials are long gone. It is wonderful you have chickens. I am trying to figure where you are in the world that citrus is now ripening.

by pennifold 21 Dec 2019

Those oranges are huge Anita, well done. Love Chris

by noah 20 Dec 2019

Oh i would love to eat one of those :):)

by zoefzoef 20 Dec 2019

looks good !

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Dec 2019

They are looking good. Nothing better then having your own harvest. My Meyers Lemon Tree again is covered with lemons and I have started to process and give them away. Started to make marmalade yesterday and will finish today. I am still upset about my beautiful blood orange tree that was in my front yard. A Amazon delivery truck wiped it out.

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Renga by Renga 21 Dec 2019

Wie schade um den schönen Baum :-( I'm Sorry for you

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by gerryvb edited 20 Dec 2019

they must taste lovely.....but eggs growing in the garden..😉 they don't grow here....You are right they are big, hope you make something tasty with them. Hugs )))