by tinfriend 19 Dec 2019

Morning Cuties, Can someone perhaps explain to me how the new French Knot Monogram at A Stitch A Half

works? Are there no longer FREE Letters - I see they are located in a FREEBIE CLUB yet they are NOT FREE??
I must have missed something??
Thanks in advance!x


by Hobbystickerin 19 Dec 2019

Sorry, I do not find the answer. Maybe anybody can explain in german?

Thank you very much.

tinfriend by tinfriend 19 Dec 2019

I can't explain in German but basically A Stitch A Half no longer gives freebies so now from what I understand you have to make a purchase to join their new Freebie Club!

Hobbystickerin by Hobbystickerin 20 Dec 2019

Thank you!

by tinfriend 19 Dec 2019

I just found the answer on a post by sewmom - Thanks!