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by aussiequilter ( edited 12 Jan 2020 ) 15 Dec 2019

I'm asking for prayer for my husband Trevor please. He had a stroke last Friday it has affected his right side he has no sight in his right eye and no feeling in his right arm and leg. He will have an MRI and other test so we will know more today .THANKYOU my cute family for you love and support Monika

Update on Trevor
I have been visiting him in hospital many days over the last 5 weeks so not always finding time to let you know where he is up to ,The drs saw us on Friday and said they are trying to get him home on Australia day 26 th of January ,its been a long hard road ,They also said that he will come home 60 % of his normal self ,He is able to walk with a walker and is starting to use his mobil phone to ring me on the days I don't visit.Thank you again for your prayers I can see they are surely working

These are 2 daughters Deborah on the left Rebecca on the right.I went to visit today he was not good at all very upset saying he is not getting physio, the nurses told me he had 5 sessions but can not remember them ,its so sad seeing him like this .He is not eating so the suggest i make him some meals and the will freeze them ,my daughter Deb was able to drop them in on her way home, she said he scoffed it and said he loved the flavour, i guess thats what happens after 48 years of my cooking, thanks again for you support and prayers



Thankyou for your thoughts and prayers, some of our family got to spend Christmas day with Trevor at the hospital, Our eldest daughter brought a lovely picnic lunch, which we had in one of the gardens at the hospital, unfortunately its very dry due to the drought and water restrictions Trevor loved seeing 4 of our grandchildren and being outside. Thankyou again Monika


by cfidl 13 Jan 2020

still thinking and praying for you.

by gerryvb 13 Jan 2020

prayers for you and Trevor.

by kustomkuddle 13 Jan 2020

Glad to hear that Trevor may be coming home soon. I know it will be a big adjustment for all. You remain in my prayers. Hugs.

by jrob Moderator 13 Jan 2020

Thank you for the updates. I'm so happy to hear of Trevor's increasing strength. Please keep us updated as you can and know that you are being held tightly in our hearts and in our prayers.

by meganne 13 Jan 2020

So very glad to hear of Trevor's improvements, he will surely make even more once he is back home with you Monika.

I will continue to pray for his full recovery. Huge hugs, Meg

by dailylaundry 12 Jan 2020

Monika, it is good news that he will be home. Continued prayers for Trevor and you and yours!!!

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by aussiequilter edited 12 Jan 2020

I spoke to the drs on Friday they are hoping to get Trevor home by Australia Day 26th January ,It has been a very emotional road but he is doing well they Drs say he will be 60 % himself when he comes home ,we will have to do so much more at home .He has been able to ring me on his mobile phone the last few days thats been very exciting .
Thanks again for your prayers ,Monika

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 12 Jan 2020

Thank you Monika for the update. I had been wondering how is doing. I pray for continued improvement. .

by sebsews 27 Dec 2019

Thank you for updating us. Lovely picture of all. You will remain in my prayers.

by graceandham 27 Dec 2019

Still with you in prayer.

by rachap 26 Dec 2019

Prayers that the new year will bring full recovery and continued good health.

by asterixsew Moderator 26 Dec 2019

Thanks for the update. What a great picture of you both and other family.

by cfidl 26 Dec 2019

I pray his recovery is swift and complete. It is so heartbreaking watching a loved one struggle with health issues. The doctor was right to suggest you first take care of yourself. It is a lovely picture of your family and these moments are most important and precious. Best wishes for 2020.

by momac 26 Dec 2019

Lovely picture, glad to hear you managed to spend a lovely Christmas with your Trevor. Hugs from Maureen

by Sewmum1 26 Dec 2019

That's lovely you were able to spend Christmas together. Will continue prayers for a speedy and full recovery

by pennifold 25 Dec 2019

Glad to see you together. I pray that Trevor goes from strength to strength. He has some mighty help with you guys to support him. Love Chris

by aussiequilter 25 Dec 2019

ThNk you to all my cute friends and I hope you all have a blessed Christmas

crafter2243 by crafter2243 25 Dec 2019

Thank you for the update. I am glad you were able to spend some time with Trevor, even ir it was in the hospital. Hoping that soon Trevor will be able to come home.

aussiequilter by aussiequilter 25 Dec 2019

They are saying 2 to 3 months

by babash 19 Dec 2019

Sending a Prayer for Trevor. I can see why the Doctor suggested you have a day or so at home he can see how the stress is affecting you.
I know from recent experience how tiring it is to have a loved one in Hospital. I was using public transport and it was a 6 hour day and I was very tired at times. So if you are driving you need to be extra careful especially at this time of the year on the roads.

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 19 Dec 2019

Good advise. Twice I went through a red light during times like these. The mind is somewhere else, so be careful Monika. Keeping you in my prayers. Hugs

by aussiequilter 19 Dec 2019

Thank you for all your kind words and prayers ,Trevor has been moved to the rehab ward ,its so difficult to see him so helpless and needing assistance for everything. Im so thankful that he has his speech even though his memory slips up .Thhe dr suggests i have a couple of days at home its anout an hour and a half each way to the hospital. Thankyou all once again Monika

graceandham by graceandham 19 Dec 2019

Good to get the update. I continue to pray for you both. Be careful and attentive driving.

kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 19 Dec 2019

The doctor's suggestion is a good one. You can not take care of Trevor if you are not taking care of you. Prayers continue.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 19 Dec 2019

Thank you for the update. Praying that rehab does it's magic.

by kustomkuddle 18 Dec 2019

Monika, I am so sorry you and your dear husband are going through this. Prayers coming your way for both you and Trevor.

by jrob Moderator 18 Dec 2019

Monika, I'm so sorry. I know that you are both afraid. I will pray for both you and Trevor. May God put his healing hands on Trevor.

by meganne 18 Dec 2019

OH dear Monika, I am so very sad to read this.
Please don't despair, they can do amazing things for stroke patients these days.
Sending prayers for complete healing for Trevor and extra strength for you to get you through the trials ahead.
Huge hugs and much love

by maleah 17 Dec 2019

Prayers for a speedy recovery.....

by zoefzoef 17 Dec 2019

Prayers send !!!

by lbrow 17 Dec 2019

Praying for Trevor and you.

by parkermom 16 Dec 2019

I will be in prayer for Trevor and for you.

by dailylaundry 16 Dec 2019

Monica, I just now read this - I am so sorry that your dear husband had to go through this. I am praying that he recovers full and quickly. There is so much that they are doing for stoke victims. Has to be hard! Please know you are in my prayers also! Let us know how he is doing!! Hugs, Laura

by sewdeb 16 Dec 2019

I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. Please know that I am praying for him and your entire family. Hugs*, Deb

by sdrise 16 Dec 2019

prayers are coming your way and his. Lets keep positive thoughts too.

by basketkase 16 Dec 2019

Oh Monika.....I am so sorry to hear this about Trevor......Will definately keep him in my prayers and will pray for you to maintain your strength ...

by mrskiki 16 Dec 2019

Keeping you both in my prayers for healing. Hugs. Nan

by marianb 16 Dec 2019

I will keep both you and Trevor in my thoughts, try to keep optimistic for a good outcome. The Doctors and Medicine have come a long way since my 1st strike 8yrs ago. Marian

by cfidl 16 Dec 2019

So sorry to hear this news. Prayers for your hubby and his recovery.

by barba 15 Dec 2019

I am so very sorry. I will keep Trevor, you and your family in my prayers. Hopefully the paralysis is temporary and he will regain sight, feeling and movement. Hugs and Blessings, Barba

by vickiannette 15 Dec 2019

So sad for you Monika. Will pray for Trevor's recovery. xxVicki.

by shirley124 15 Dec 2019

Prayers for you and your husband. Hugs

by grammaheh1 15 Dec 2019

Prayers for your family and hoping that the coming therapy will result in his recovering his use of his right leg and arm and the sight in his right eye.

by pennifold 15 Dec 2019

Oh! dear Monika, I was so surprised to read this this morning. As you know my husband's name is Trevor also. My heartfelt thoughts, prayers and best wishes for his forthcoming treatment. The medical marvels these days will surely help him. May God watch over you and keep your mind at rest. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Dec 2019

Praying for Trevor. Praying for the doctors that they find the right treatment for him. Praying for you that you might not be anxious and be able to to find the rest you need in it all

by dragonflyer 15 Dec 2019

So sorry to hear this, are both in my thoughts and prayers.

by asterixsew Moderator 15 Dec 2019

Thinking positive thoughts for you both

by rescuer Moderator 15 Dec 2019

Prayers for you, the doctors/therapists, and Trevor! May you all feel the love and get healing from God.

by graceandham 15 Dec 2019

Of course, Monika, we will be praying from here! He has about six months to get recovery, or that's what the doctors say in USA. So, there's time for therapy and prayer to be effective.