by peafarm 07 Dec 2019

Hope I do this right--been so long to post a pic or two. I looked for Tooth Fairy Pillows and one I liked a lot lead me here to CuteEmb. Low and Behold it was our Kim [Dragonflyer] creation for a niece. I ask her about it and she graciously gave me her files for it. It is for my little 5 y/o great-grand girl. She will need it most likely soon so a Christmas present for her. Thanks Kim for your help and thoughts on my machine also.


by decojo 09 Dec 2019

Super cute!

by sonjapotgieter 09 Dec 2019

Great work!!!Beautiful

by blueeyedblonde 08 Dec 2019

Between you and Kim, it has turned out great!

by sonjapotgieter 08 Dec 2019

They are all BEAUTIFUL! !!!Great work donor!!!

by babash 08 Dec 2019

The pillow looks fantastic the little girl will love it. I like the choice of fabrics.
Kim is so good at helping out other cuties and her designs always stitch so well.

by pennyhal2 08 Dec 2019

This is fantastic! I'm sure it will be an heirloom piece in her family.

by JeanW 08 Dec 2019

I need to make two. Where did you get the design?

asterixsew by asterixsew 08 Dec 2019

If you read the information at the top she was given the design by the digitiser. It is not a purchased design

peafarm by peafarm 10 Dec 2019

Yes, it was Cutie Kim [Dragonflyer] A gift to me for sure.

by noah 08 Dec 2019

Love them great sewout hugs

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peafarm by peafarm 10 Dec 2019

Thank you my betcha freezin Cutie Canadian friend!

by dragonflyer 08 Dec 2019

Beautiful choice of fabrics and stitch out, Patti...I am sure Scarlett will be sooo happy!!

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peafarm by peafarm 10 Dec 2019

Oh believe me, she will be so happy. She's a big girl now. Her mama will love it also since I used fabric she picked out long ago and I helped her sew a couch pillow. Thank you again.

by sebsews 08 Dec 2019

Turned out very nice. Kim helps so many Cuties, we are lucky to have her on Cute!

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peafarm by peafarm 10 Dec 2019

That is so true and thank you very much.

by pennifold 08 Dec 2019

Oh! this is gorgeous, well done on posting it and I'm glad you worked out how to do it again. Love Chris

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peafarm by peafarm 10 Dec 2019

Hi Chris, thank you for saying. Yes, this camera thing and new technology is just not my thing plus everything has been taking my time and zapping my energy or what energy I had. I started out trying to get Christmas gifts embroidered or sewn this year and then we had tragic deaths in the family and all their paperwork etc to figure out and way down in another state of where I live---so I am fortunate and thankful for Kim and her design and helping figure out my breaking of threads etc to get one project down, managing some little time for my thing.

by lidiad 08 Dec 2019

That's soooo lovely! Well done Patti and Kim :-)
Hugs, Lidia

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peafarm by peafarm 10 Dec 2019

Thank you Lidia--so sorry not to respond so much. So many of these lovely people on here and wished I could take time to comment. I am just too overwhelmed with 'stuff' that has got to have my full attention. But I do look at projects and manage to give flowers.

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Dec 2019

Look what happens with teamwork. Between Kim's digitizing talent and your stitch out Scarlett has a special tooth pillow. Good work you two

by asterixsew Moderator 07 Dec 2019

Congratulations on working out how to post in projects again and what lovely work. Scarlett is a lucky girl

by shirley124 07 Dec 2019

Lovely Tooth Pillow. She will love it. Love the saying. Hugs

by toogie 07 Dec 2019

It looks wonderful! Glad to see you embroidering and sharing on Cute! Nora has several loose teeth. She is using her sister's tooth fairy pillow I made her. Love the fabrics and her name!

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peafarm by peafarm 10 Dec 2019

Thanks Toogie--I will make another at some point for the little sister--just in case I am not around when she turns of age for loose teeth. We just lost my husbands sister, a year younger than him and 2 months later, her son, aged 49. Brother in law has Alzheimers and in Assisted Living in FL--a long way to travel and my husband can't travel or deal with this anymore. My son is his uncles POA and I am trying to help him all I can with paperwork, appt with attorney etc. All overwhelming but especially for my son who is traveling when he can--jobs get in the way of that also. Do what we can though when we can. I really enjoyed stitching out this pillow. Kim's instruction and slide show instructions are so thorough and valuable.

by basketkase 07 Dec 2019

So cute and generous of Kim to share....