by babash 04 Dec 2019

Is anyone else having trouble getting the free designs from Michelle from littleneedle designs?

when I click on the gift box I get a blank page and a notice saying the ip address is wrong.
I am getting the Emails telling me she is giving away a free design daily but can't access them or her site to say something is wrong.


by joolz1 05 Dec 2019

no problems for me, sorry for yours. I just click on the box & it automatically downloads

by dragonflyer 05 Dec 2019

No problem here...yesterday got #2 from newsletter...

by killiecrankie 04 Dec 2019

I just down loaded number 2.Design 1 is rw partridge ,2 is a rw dove. Sensing a theme going on.

by rescuer Moderator 04 Dec 2019

I don't go to the site, but it sounds like a broken link in the email you received. Have you tried going to the website by typing in the website address? Also, emails will often have a good email to use to contact them.

by Sewmum1 04 Dec 2019

I have been using my phone to download them and not had any trouble. In saying that i have yet to transfer the designs to my laptop and open them up. I hope you can get it to work for you. Is your antivirus blocking it from opening perhaps?