by Kampfzwerg 02 Dec 2019

2019-12-02 Just finished my quilt last weekend. My granddoughter wanted her room re-decorated a few years ago and picked out these fabrics. But when the fabrics arrived, she didn`t like them anymore. The fabrics were allready washed and hung im my closet. So I've decided to make a simple and a bit larger quilt for myself and put my Bernina 740 to the test.


by blueeyedblonde 06 Dec 2019

Beautiful job and I love the colors!

by sdrise 06 Dec 2019

Nice job very pretty... She did not know what she was missing.. hehe

by awesome1 05 Dec 2019

So pretty the colors--it reminds me of watermelons and summertime!!

by Sewmum1 05 Dec 2019

These colours are so bright and cheerful. I love it! I like the quilting too. It is perfect for this quilt

by lbrow 05 Dec 2019

I think the colors are great. You have done a beautiful job.

by sebsews 04 Dec 2019

I love the colors and you created a beautiful quilt.

by dee 03 Dec 2019

I love the colors. Good job quilting it.

by jrob Moderator 03 Dec 2019

She's going to be jealous and your quilting is beautiful.

by mrskiki 03 Dec 2019

Very pretty. Maybe she will decide she likes those colors now. Hugs. Nan

by parkermom 02 Dec 2019

You did such a beautiful job!

by shirley124 02 Dec 2019

Wow! Beautiful. Hugs

by cfidl 02 Dec 2019

Wowzer! You did that on a regular machine? It is fantastic. Love the colors and quilting! She may decide she likes it now.

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Kampfzwerg by Kampfzwerg 02 Dec 2019

Yes. There is a also a 790 quilting edition, but it is the same size, has more features and quiltingstitches. It has 10 inches right from the needle. I got mine for 2.500€, a used machine, hugs

by pennifold 02 Dec 2019

I love it, it reminds me of a Toffee apple colours. I'm sure once she has seen it finished she will want it. Great job all round. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Dec 2019

Well your Bernina passed the test run. The quilt turned out so great. I am glad you made something for you. Now you just need to hang on to it. 😊

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Kampfzwerg by Kampfzwerg 02 Dec 2019

My first impression was: it is a hybrid between my first treadle sewing machine and my industrial Juki plus a bit of electronics. It runs quietly and I can hear when it needs lubricating I love the foot no 10D. It`s so great for stitching in the ditch, ran the machina at medium speed to stitch down the squares

by toogie 02 Dec 2019

She will want it now! It's such pretty colors. How old is the grand daughter? I know it didn't take that long to get the fabrics in, so she sure changed her mind quick. Great job on your quilting too.

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Kampfzwerg by Kampfzwerg 02 Dec 2019

She is 9 now. When she was a toddler, her favorite colour was purple. In kindergarten the colours changed to pink, but only for one year. Now it is blue, turqoise and purple.
When I finished the top it looked too stark and I tried to come up with a quiltingpattern, but it did not work. Next morning: simple piecing+few colours=simple quilting= happy Kampfzwerg (battle dwarf). Love your window-frame-deer-quilt, so stunning, hugs

by graceandham 02 Dec 2019

It is wonderful. Maybe she will inherit it some day! Meanwhile, you enjoy this gorgeous quilt.

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Kampfzwerg by Kampfzwerg 02 Dec 2019

She picked the Cotton Rainbow Quilt from Cozy Quilt Designs, but with a dark backround, her youngest brother wants a red-blue-white hunters star quilt