by toogie 01 Dec 2019

Hello Cuties! Well, I had planned to show all the quilts I made for Christmas, along with this King size I made for our nephew's birthday. However, I still have one left to quilt and I couldn't wait to show you how much this one was appreciated.... This is what giving is all about...the love. (my hair is a mess-lol) He was so humble. He is more use to giving to others, that sometimes I think it is hard for people like him to accept gifts. If we have an emergency here, I call him along with our 3 kids, and he's here too. He is just a couple years older than our oldest child and since his parents are both dead we have 'adopted' each other. His mom and I were very close. (See Kim, he noticed the label. Thank you again.) His wife just kept saying 'oh how pretty. They sent me a text, with it on their bed, when they got home. My machine I quilt on and me!-lol... I hope to get the last quilt finished any day now. I planned on quilting yesterday but things got in the way. Tomorrow is Jury duty that I hope to not get chosen so MAYBE I can quilt on it this week. Anyway, hope you like my pictures. Oh Angie, see his Snickerdoodles on the loveseat in the first pic. Grab you one!-lol


by rachap 26 Dec 2019

Toogie, Sorry,I typed my comment in the wrong place it is at the end of one of your last comments and I don't know how to moveit!!! Ruth

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toogie by toogie 26 Dec 2019

I found it so no problem. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas 🎄

by lbrow 05 Dec 2019

Absolutely beautiful Toogie.. I still say the giver is more blessed than the one who receives. The hugs make it all worthwhile.

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toogie by toogie 05 Dec 2019

Yes, they do make it worth it all! You are right I am truly blessed with a great family. Thank you and Happy Birthday tomorrow!

by sebsews 04 Dec 2019

Oh my what a beautiful quilt! You are such a giving person and that makes our world a better place. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Suzanna

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toogie by toogie 04 Dec 2019

I just took pictures of the other five that are for Christmas. I still need to make & sew labels on 3 of them before I can wrap. Hope everyone likes theirs as much as Brad does. Thank you Suzanna & a very Merry Christmas to you, as well!

by maymason1 03 Dec 2019

wow !!!!!!

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toogie by toogie 03 Dec 2019

By that, it must mean you like-lol- I am honored to get a comment from you, as I don't see you post much, but I know you have been here on Cute a long time. So thank you and Merry Christmas!-Toogie

by cfidl 02 Dec 2019

Wow! gets you right where it counts. You look lovely sitting at your machine and the quilt is fabulous! I love the story of his adoption. I wonder if my life would have been better if I had a family during those difficult years. Love says it all. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season. Christine

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toogie by toogie 03 Dec 2019

I guess if we all thought about it, we could wonder about the 'what ifs' in life. The main thing is to look forward and make the best, of the rest of our lives.
Thank you for looking and Merry Christmas to you Christine!

by kustomkuddle 02 Dec 2019

What a beautiful gift filled with lots of love. Wonderful work Toogie. Such an inspiration to the rest of us.!

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toogie by toogie 03 Dec 2019

Thanks Debbie and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

by lilylady 02 Dec 2019

Your quilt is beautiful and full of love.There was a man at my MIL;s apartment building whose D made him a memory quilt, which he had hanging on his wall. If you were walking down his hallway you had to come and see his quilt. He was sew proud of it. Men do have hearts too! Great Job.

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toogie by toogie 02 Dec 2019

Yes, I know. My husband is tenderhearted, but he would have to be tortured, to give you a compliment. I can tell he likes my work, because he encourages others to 'go look at what she's made now' kind of like your MIL's neighbor. Maybe it's the time/decade he was brought up. I don't know. I do know when he is 'touched' his voice changes, gets husky, so I recognize that and that's all the 'compliment' I will get from him. Why do older men think it's weakness to express themselves! Bah-humbug!-lol-Thank you for sharing, looking, and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

by mrskiki 02 Dec 2019

Oh Toogie the quilt is so beautiful. You do amazing work and I wish I had some of your energy and organization to accomplish as much as you get done. I am sure it will be treasured as a family heirloom. Hugs. Nan

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toogie by toogie 02 Dec 2019

Thank you Nan. I don't know if it's energy, I think it's more drive. I was driven to finish my son's big King. I was ill the whole time I worked on it and I feel it shows. It may just be my idea or maybe, when I look at it I remember how sick I felt. That is why I say it must have been drive, not any energy. I'll show it when I get this last one done. I'd like to take a picture of all them together but don't have room opened up in the house or any way to hang outside....

by jrob Moderator 02 Dec 2019

But the greatest of these is love......
Toogie, you are amazing.
Love you!

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toogie by toogie edited 02 Dec 2019

Thank you Jerrilyn and you know I love you too. Give Mike and that young grandson a hug from me, well heck, why stop there. Give that miracle son a big squeeze.-lol-
I forgot to say Ashley wanted to be here when I gave it to him. She took the pics, but when Brad had tears in his eyes, I looked over at her and her nose was red. She was wiping away a few tears herself.

by marianb 02 Dec 2019

It looks magnificent on their bed, Brad and his wife are very lucky to have a Aunt who cares for them as much as you do.

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toogie by toogie 02 Dec 2019

Thank you Marian, they must have placed it on the bed as soon as they walked in the house. I know it seems as if they had just left, when he sent me the text of the pic and thanks again.

by dailylaundry 01 Dec 2019

Toogie - you are so awesome. You can just tell how much your nephew was so very touched by your talent!!! You are amazing! Hugs, Laura

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toogie by toogie 01 Dec 2019

When they came in, I gave him his cookies and then we visited a while. When they said they better be going, I got the package with the card and said Happy Birthday. He was so surprised and then when he read the card, I saw tears in his eyes. He is so sweet. He is the nephew that offered the prayer at our 50th wedding anniversary. Merry Christmas Laura!

by pennifold 01 Dec 2019

Ooh! Toogie it turned out beautiful. So happy that your nephew who got it loved it so much. You are one very special lady and to achieve all you do and with your huge family it must be so appreciated. God bless you and have a Merry Christmas. Love Chris

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toogie by toogie 01 Dec 2019

Thanks Chris and I know you do as much as anyone, for your family, too. Merry Christmas to both you and Trevor!

by shirley124 01 Dec 2019

How wonderful to get such a great response when you give someone something. I can tell by the photos that your quilt was very much appreciated. Looks like you was as happy as they were. You are a special lady toogie. Big hugs

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toogie by toogie edited 01 Dec 2019

Thanks Shirley and I was happy to give him this as I knew he would appreciate it. He came by today before church tonight. I asked him what his teenage son said. He said he wanted one!-lol- Brad told him, that when he died he could have this one! He also told him, no matter what, never get rid of it.

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Dec 2019

Doesn't it feel wonderful when a handmade gift is accepted with that much appreciation and enthusiasm? You made your nephew very happy. Good job Toogie. I hope no one sat down on the snicker doodles

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toogie by toogie 01 Dec 2019

Ha Ha! No, Brad was guarding them-lol
I was so happy, to make him happy. He loves his family. He lost parents too soon and so he appreciates all the love showered his way. His mom was one of my husband's sisters. She was always close to me and my husband. After she passed I would find myself with the phone in hand ready to dial her number. Then I would realize I couldn't anymore. She was a good woman and I loved her dearly.

by dragonflyer 01 Dec 2019

Well, that is one happy family thanks to you... So glad the quilt label was appreciated too! You are one very special lady, Toogie... I didn't realize you have the Queen Quilter... so much easier than trying to quilt on a regular single needle sewing machine... Job well done!

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toogie by toogie 01 Dec 2019

Thanks Kim, but it is still a single needle machine just has a w-i-d-e throat space, for all that bulk. On these large King and Queens, I put it up against my 9 foot dining table on side of one corner and butt a 6 foot folding table to side of the dining table and end of quilting table. That way I have plenty space for the quilt to rest without drag.

by asterixsew Moderator 01 Dec 2019

Toogie you are one amazing woman. I just don't know how you get so much done - Congratulations on that score, plus you so often create great work for others. A beautiful piece of work

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toogie by toogie 01 Dec 2019

Thank you, I told our QOV group I had to stop making veterans quilts after middle of October, because I had 4 quilts to make for Christmas plus this one, all different sizes. I gave his wife one of my hand sanitizer holders and it was his birthday-lol- just so she wouldn't feel left out. I rarely keep something for myself...

by suepayne 01 Dec 2019

one very happy chappie. bless you . you made his day. it also makes you feel real good that its loved like that. makes it all worth while.

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toogie by toogie 01 Dec 2019

You are correct, that's what its all about. Thanks for commenting and Merry Christmas!-Toogie

by sbott54 01 Dec 2019

Thanks for sharing your love and happiness. You have great love and you also share it with us Cuties.

toogie by toogie 01 Dec 2019

You are a sweetie for commenting.
I just love people. My daughter ask me sometimes, how did I meet 'this woman'. I tell her , we were in the fabric line, or the grocery line, etc. and I just spoke to her and then we just started talking. Like I said, I just love people. After all, we are part of God's creation, wonderfully made, and he tells us to love one another. Wishing you a Merry Christmas-Toogie

rachap by rachap 26 Dec 2019

I will use the expression that"Every one of these is a true labor of love" although at least to me quilting is not labor! Never the less each one is stunning and special and perfect for the special men in your life. they are sure to be treasured for the love that went into every stitch.

toogie by toogie 26 Dec 2019

Thank you Ruth! I love the quilting process too.