by basketkase 01 Dec 2019

Finally got to stitch for me...this is Gnomie Companion 1-3

.......figured maybe would be good to include in a quilting project to break up the gnomies a bit....Jim is working on putting these up on the website now.....I had a good last couple of days, however this morning I am super dizzy like I have been spun on an amusement park ride...ugh!


by marianb 02 Dec 2019

These will be a lovely addition to my Gnomes collection..

by carolpountney 02 Dec 2019

Beautiful designs. I hope you are feeling better nothing worse to be sick when you feel you have lots of work to do. Keep well

by noah 01 Dec 2019

Another beautiful design:):) hugs

by pennifold 01 Dec 2019

Gorgeous as always, love Chris

by irenewayne 01 Dec 2019

Vicki you have to rest up a bit. I am having the same problem myself at the moment & spent 2 days in hospital. I was lucky that DH got to the door in time to catch me as I collapsed so do what I am doing & rest up. Don't worry about designs for us etc we can all wait. Your health is #1

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basketkase by basketkase 01 Dec 2019

AAAWWW...….thank you......