by jrob Moderator 28 Nov 2019

Happy Thanksgiving to the US Cuties! I pray that your celebration is wonderful and that you come away with renewed joy and new list of all of the things that you are thankful for.

Much, much love,


by momac 29 Nov 2019

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Cuties who are celebrating. Hugs from Maureen in South Africa

by rescuer Moderator 28 Nov 2019

I hope your Thanksgiving day was beautiful and seasoned with love!

by dailylaundry 28 Nov 2019

Happy Thanksgiving, Jerrilyn!!! Hope you have had a wonderful day! Hugs, Laura

by sewdeb 28 Nov 2019

Thank you, Jerrilyn and I wish the same to you and yours. Hugs*, Deb

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Nov 2019

I think that where ever one is in the world it is good to stop for a minute and be thankful for what one has. Jerrilyn I hope that you and your family and all the other Cuties world wide have or have had a great day

by mops Moderator 28 Nov 2019

I hope your day will be wonderful.

by crafter2243 Moderator 28 Nov 2019

Thank you Jerrilyn. Hope you will have a wonderful day with your family.

by graceandham 28 Nov 2019

Count your blessings, name them one by one. Of course my list starts with the names of my family members, then extends to friends and neighbors and Cutie sisters. After that, way down the list, the names Janome and Brother come to mind. Oops, before that all the wonderful digitizers. Find the joy in your day.

by lbrow 28 Nov 2019

The same to you my loving friend. Happy Thanksgiving!

by sdrise 28 Nov 2019

Thank You!!! Have a great day yourself too!!

by dragonflyer 28 Nov 2019

Thank you, Jerrilyn...I hope you have a wonderful blessed day, too!