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by basketkase ( edited 25 Nov 2019 ) 24 Nov 2019

UPDATE: Just talked to doc's office, nurse will call me....I was watching TV last night and all of a sudden the profuse bleeding started.......we shoved cotton balls soaked in Afrin and finally got it stopped.....will let you know what nurse says.....Hello dear friends....been up since 2AM...I have started having nosebleeds tonight....first one was about 6 PM.... was so scary as am 10 days post surgery and these normally occur in the first few days....I did alot of work today and Jim blames that....I bent over to fluff up Sammi's food and it just started pouring out....we did what we were told to do and got it stopped within 30 minutes, I felt something horrible at the back of my tongue and got ahold of it...was a huge clot. Went to bed about 11 PM and woke up at 2 AM choking, I pushed Jiffy off me, sat up and blood poured again....Jim woke up and we started the same routine as before....he thinks I need to sleep in the recliner propped up for a couple nights. I am so tired and the taste in my mouth is disgusting... hopefully all this will pass soon....ugh!


by aussiequilter 25 Nov 2019

not good ,I hope you are feeling better real soon

by mariagiannina 25 Nov 2019

What an awful shock that must have been, please take care, you are not lazy, just being careful!

by sewtired 25 Nov 2019

That is quite frightening. Please listen to the advice you have been given and take it easy and do call the doctor. Jim and your kitties need you. We need you.

by cfidl 24 Nov 2019

I will be looking for an update in a few hours. I wold say if it happens tonight call the doc, even if it is before morning. Big hugs!

by hightechgrammy 24 Nov 2019

Vicky, I would definitely go see my doctor or the surgeon. Maybe it is a side effect of your surgery. Don't mess around with bleeding. Hugs, dear friend.

by pennifold 24 Nov 2019

Dear Vicki, I agree with all the others, TAKE IT EASY! I'm glad Jim is there to help you so quickly.
The taste of blood in the mouth is terrible. We always had our patients at the dentist complain about it after extraction, it's that iron, metallic taste. I'd ring the doctor to check up on the nose bleeds 10 days after the surgery seems a long time, but you know your own body, so don't overdo things. Love Chris

basketkase by basketkase 24 Nov 2019

Yes, am going to call doctor office tomorrow....everything in my instructions talks about bleeding the first several days not 10....also even with brushing I can't get that copper taste gone, am wondering if I may still have a bit of seepage...

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 24 Nov 2019

Maybe you are just so special you waited for 10 whole days. :-) I'm glad you are going to the doctor!

by sewdeb 24 Nov 2019

Oh, Vicki, what a terribly scary night you had! I think I would have headed to the ER the minute it started bleeding the second time! I'm sure you paid the doc plenty so get him up in the middle night! Take care of yourself which means letting the cat fluff its own food! LOL Until you are 100% , you should be waited on hand and foot! Hugs and prayers*, Deb

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basketkase by basketkase 24 Nov 2019

I made Jim eggs and bacon this morning and thought....mmmm, something is wrong with this
He would make me breakfast but still have appetite issues....

by dailylaundry 24 Nov 2019

Vicki, my DH slept in a recliner for quite a while after his surgery. He did very little for two weeks. When are you due to go back to the doctors? Don't hesitate to give him a call - you are paying him!! Please continue to let us know how you are doing!! Hugs, Laura

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basketkase by basketkase 24 Nov 2019

You know how us women are.....I feel lazy instead of resting, know what I mean? I learned a big lesson....

by lbrow 24 Nov 2019

Vicki, please, p,ease give yourself time to heal. I know some of us think we can go right on regardless but I have learned from experience. It can be disastrous. I would sleep in recliner till you see Dr again. RN Lillian's advice. You are needed , take care of yourself . Hugs and more hugs.

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basketkase by basketkase 24 Nov 2019

Hi nurse Lillian....I go back to doctor in 2 weeks...I will call tomorrow and let them know what is going on...

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Nov 2019

I am so sorry Vicky. This has to be scary and uncomfortable. I had a situation of unstoppable nosebleed in my family once. Jim is right, try to sleep in a recliner for a few days and NO bending over if you can help it. Why are you doing a lot of work? Please try to relax, watch some movies, read a book TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Hugs for you.

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basketkase by basketkase 24 Nov 2019

Just frustrated to have this set back....I am a much better caregiver than caretaker....

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Nov 2019

Positive thoughts from the UK

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basketkase by basketkase 24 Nov 2019

Thank you....

by dragonflyer 24 Nov 2019

Oh, Vicki, so very sorry to hear must be frightening for both of you...I hope you call your doctor!

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basketkase by basketkase 24 Nov 2019

It sure was scary...I am suppose to do a neti pot type rinse twice a day but am afraid to do it ...I don't want to disl6the clot...I will call doctor office tomorrow and let them know what is going on and get instructions .....

by momac 24 Nov 2019

I hope so too Vicki, hope the bleeding keeps stopping when you do what the doc said to do. Maybe you do need to rest from your work for a little while. Hugs from Maureen

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basketkase by basketkase 24 Nov 2019

Am taking it easy today.....