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by sebsews ( edited 30 Nov 2019 ) 15 Nov 2019

UPDATE Please read update below. I am sad, my heart hurts for my wonderful friends of over 31 years. Both passed away 11/14/19. They were my neighbors for most of those 31 years. We shared our dog, Mystery, (Jim named her) and I can still remember Jim standing in the drive with tears as we took Mystery to the vet for the last time. After Jim’s passing Velma moved to Biloxi to be with their son, Herman. Herman passed about 5pm and Velma passed about 6pm. Velma was 101 years old and Herman was 80 years old. R.I.P my dear friends. You will forever be together and I will miss you. Love, Suzie


by sebsews 30 Nov 2019

Update. I want to thank each Cutie who commented or gave a flower or prayed for me and my friends. You are the best and I will forever be grateful for Cute and Cuties.. Your prayers lifted me up! Velma will be buried next to Jim in Florida and Herman will be buried in a national cemetery. Velma did not know of Hermans passing, I know they have met again in Heaven. Hugs and flowers to all, Suzanna

by graceandham 15 Nov 2019

So sorry for your loss. May you find consolation in your memories and the occasional sense of the presence of these "saints" in your continuing story. Awesome for them that they got that almost instant reunion. I had great neighbors growing up and have wonderful memories of their loving care.

by lbrow 15 Nov 2019

Suzie, I am so sorry for your loss, but you won't lose the great memories you have of them

by toogie 15 Nov 2019

So sorry for your loss. I am sad with you. I was at the doctor/hospital yesterday, when someone in my class at church text me and said, one of our friends from class died. He was 'only' 68. A fine christian man, but had health issues. He will be missed for sure.

by tuross 15 Nov 2019

My heart aches for you. I pray you feel the Lords loving presence at this time and take comfort knowing so many internet friends have you in their hearts and prayers. Lynne

by orangetiger 15 Nov 2019

So sad for you and your loss.

by sewdeb 15 Nov 2019

I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear friends. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

by pennifold 15 Nov 2019

What a wonderful friendship you endured with Velma and Jim. My prayers are with you as you mourn their passing. What a great age fo Velma and such wonderful memories for you Suzie. I'm so glad that you were such a great neighbour to them too. Love Chris

by pennyhal2 15 Nov 2019

Please accept my condolences for your loss of your dear friends. This part of life, while expected, leaves one with great sense of loss and loneliness. I'm sure that they loved you as much as you loved them. Your presence in their life surely was appreciated and loved by them.

by dragonflyer 15 Nov 2019

So sad for the loss of your two wonderful heart aches for you...

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Nov 2019

I hope neither Herman or Velma knew about each others passing. They met again in heaven.
I pray for you that your sadness will be lifted and you will be able to look back at all the wonderful times you have shared. Hugs

by rescuer Moderator 15 Nov 2019

Continued prayers for your broken heart. May your mind be filled with happy memories.

by dailylaundry 15 Nov 2019

Oh, Suzie - this is so sad. No words can help. Know you are in my prayers! Hugs, Laura

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sebsews by sebsews 15 Nov 2019

Thank you. Once again my heart is broken. Thanks for prayers.