by noah 31 Oct 2019

Can anyone tell me how much a Husqvarna Epic 1 would cost please???


by rachap 03 Nov 2019

Since they have announced the newest Epic 2 is to be out soon the prices on the Epic have dropped significantly. In the US, 2 different areas that I live in used Epics(which shouldn't be over about 3 years old) are advertised at $5999, Haven't seen prices on what a new, unused Epic 1 would be now. I don't think any of the major machines ever put in an ad what their prices are--sort of like buying a car--negoitate!!!

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noah by noah 03 Nov 2019

#2 here is 17, or 18 grand.i am thinking #1 that has low miles on it lol thanks

by mrskiki 01 Nov 2019

In the US the only Epic 1s available are trade ins. Not sure they are even making them any more. My dealer said used they will run about $8900.00. I didn't even price the Epic 2. There is just not enough difference for me to consider it. And I am disappointed in the new serger too. The only feature I like is the air threading of the loopers. And it is $1500.00. So will not be getting it now either. Hugs. Nan

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noah by noah 01 Nov 2019

thanks Nan hugs

by pennifold 01 Nov 2019

Hi Carolyn, for you in Canada it would cost approximately $13,625.00 give or take a few dollars. Judy is right in Australia they cost 15,000.00. I saw the brand new Husqvarna sewing machine at our local craft fair in September and it was close to $17,000.00Aud!!!
The Designer Epic has some great hoops 10.24 x 14 inches (260 x 360 mm), 10.24 x 8 inches ( 260 x 200 mm) and a square hoop 4.7 x 4.7 inches (120 x 120 mm).
Are you thinking of getting one and if so, where from? Do you have a local service centre which can help you out if needed? Love Chris

noah by noah 01 Nov 2019

Yes to all Questions Near is 3 hours away i both directions but i go North lol

noah by noah 01 Nov 2019

New Epic #2 here is $18,000 some stores $17,000
Noone sale #1 as they want u to buy #2

by killiecrankie 01 Nov 2019

I don't know if this is the latest machine ,but about 2yrs ago the latest model cost about $15,000 in Australia.I got a new in the box run out Janome 14000 for $5,000 instead but the Diamond is still working well.
If you plan to buy one ,I always look for the specials which usually occur at Christmas ,Mothers Day & the end of the financial year.Also at craft shows.

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noah by noah 01 Nov 2019

There is a lady here that keeps buying all new machines they put out which is epic #2 The store owner will sale me hers for a good price and will give me full amount for my Topaze i bought this year for $2,500. I cannot refuse this deal