by sebsews 30 Oct 2019

I'm wondering about how close you should cut the threads (jump stitches) on the back of a completed design. I just know Cuties will have an answer for me. Hugs and flowers to all, Suzanna


by osueo 09 Nov 2019

I use Fray Check and then clip off the long bobbin jump threads. After reading the post by AuntAnnie, that gives a definitely different perspective. I hadn't even thought of the upper thread coming loose. That will make a BIG change in the way I clip, Thank you so much and GOD bless you.

AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 10 Nov 2019

This only becomes a problem when there is no tie-off (knot) between jump stitches or color changes. So, look for the little knots as you clip away.

osueo by osueo 10 Nov 2019

WOW. THANKS. I never even realized that. I WILL look out for those little knots BEFORE I decide to start clipping threads. Again: THANKS and GOD bless you!!

by AuntAnnie 31 Oct 2019

To prevent upper thread from coming loose, I only cut the bobbin threads that are long to prevent possible snagging or catching during use or wear.

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sebsews by sebsews 31 Oct 2019

Thank you! Sounds good to me!