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by babash ( edited 17 Oct 2019 ) 17 Oct 2019

Craft Show day out.

Well it was worth going saw quite a few things new to me.

2 pronged pins to hold fabric still while matching seams.

Got the Glitter Flex I was after and a Mini Iron.

Lots of stalls selling Japanese fabrics. One even had a snap similar to Kam snaps that you just use your fingers to put together. Didn't buy them as I have plenty of snaps and the tool.

Not too crowded and all in all a nice few hours of looking and wishing.

Saw a I wish I was rich embroidery machine that had a massive hoop on it 48 inches x 14 inches. Stitches were beautiful. Pity I didn't have a spare $17,000 for my hobby or the time to play with it.

If you haven't been it could be worth a look. At least the Coffee was tasty and only $4 a cup.
This is the 48 inch x 14 inch frame and stand that I was talking about.


by sebsews 20 Oct 2019

Glad you had a great time at the craft fair! Yes coffee for me and no on the machine!

by cfidl 19 Oct 2019

I just saw a post about this brand of machine. I too wish I was younger and had all the resources I would use. I wonder if there is one that has the great width to go with the length.

by shirley124 17 Oct 2019

Glad to hear you had a great time at the Craft Fair. The last one I went to in Melbourne a few years ago I was very disappointed. 48 Inch hoop? What machine was that? Hugs

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babash by babash 17 Oct 2019

Yes I have had that happen as well so I don't go each year like I used to and now I really don't go expecting to buy. I look to see anything that I haven't seen before or something I have seen online but want a demo on it.
The machine is a Ricoma 15 needle and yes I did get the measurement right. But that hoop with the support table is about $3,500 on top of the $17,000 plus for the machine.
It is just one of those things you think I wish I was 50 years younger and had heaps on money.

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Oct 2019

I went to the large quilt show at the National Exhibition Centre in England in the summer and there was a whole section that was Japanese fabrics. There was some great stuff but a minor hitch that a number of the Japanese stall holders spoke very little English and it was very late in the day for their body clocks though not for us.
Glad that you had a great day out and thanks for the feedback. Now to have fun with your purchases

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babash by babash 17 Oct 2019

There was fabrics and kits as well as Komona's they looked to be secondhand but in excellent condition and very heavy.

by pennifold 17 Oct 2019

That hoop size can't be right Barb, you've put 48 inches!!! Was it the new Husqvarna? I saw one at the Newcastle Craft show and it was $17,000 too. I told Maarten from Thorpe's sewing that he can keep it! he he he, love Chris

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babash by babash 17 Oct 2019

Chris it was Ricoma 15 needle and yes the hoop was 48 inches x 14 inches it came with a support table and was about $3,500 extra as it was an additional hoop.