by gwillmann 16 Oct 2019

I took this picture of a woman's skirt with this embroidery on it. The design looks very dense but I like it. Does anyone recognize it? I want to purchase this design or similar but can't find one anywhere I know of to look.


by jenne 16 Oct 2019

Embroidery library has some Magnolia blossoms not quite the same but very pretty,

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gwillmann by gwillmann 16 Oct 2019

Thank you

by pennifold 16 Oct 2019

Hi Gwillmann, they remind me of Magnolia blossoms. I would check on the Internet If all else fails, do you have the lady's name who wore the skirt and if you do ring her and ask if it was done by a homesewer. Maybe she can let you know. Love Chris

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gwillmann by gwillmann 16 Oct 2019

Thanks for the suggestions. The lady was a complete stranger I saw at a street fair while on vacation.