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by shirley124 ( edited 15 Oct 2019 ) 15 Oct 2019

Had a phone call from my daughter last night to tell me they had to make the hard decision to say goodbye to my G-Son's cat Mysterio. He came into there lives 16 years ago after being thrown out of a car just after Christmas. He was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 Chronic kidney disease, but sadly discovered yesterday after a scan that he also had cancer. He was just a gorgeous cat naughty but nice. I am feeling so sad today. Just a few photos to show you what a delight he was'

EDIT. Just found a picture of my Grandson wearing the cat around his neck. This was taken quite a few years ago. I just love this picture.


by zoefzoef 17 Oct 2019

what a nice cat !
sorry you had to let him go. Remember all the good times, and know that you will meet him again in the future. Hug sent xxx

by kustomkuddle 17 Oct 2019

It is so hard to say goodbye to our fur babies. They give such unconditional love. They make us smile and laugh. And cry when they are hurting. Sending hugs to you and your family.

by basketkase 17 Oct 2019

Oh boy...… come the tears....I am so sorry for the loss of such a wonderful animal. I absolutely love Tuxedo cats, they are smart, affectionate and yes, mischievous ….Your family did the right thing for him, bless your grandson in his grief...….

by loriziegler 16 Oct 2019

What a precious kitty! I am so sorry it is so hard to say goodbye to our fur babies! I rescue dogs, cats, ducks and rabbits and it is awesome having them all in my life but so hard when they head over the rainbow bridge! The joy and love they bring to us all is so worth it though! Thoughts and prayers for you and your family!

by sewtired 16 Oct 2019

Love the pictures and how that white chin under his black upper face gives him such a mischievous grin. So very sorry for your family's loss. I know how hard it is, as I have had to say farewell to so many sweet kitties in my life.

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shirley124 by shirley124 16 Oct 2019

Mischievous was his second name. lol I used to call him Ratbag because that was what he was. I will miss him when I go to visit my daughter.

by airyfairy 16 Oct 2019

So sad to loose a much loved pet. He certainly had a wonderful home.

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shirley124 by shirley124 16 Oct 2019

Thanks. He sure did.

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Oct 2019

I love Mysterio's eyes. They are so expressive. Oh yes he will be missed but I am sure there are plenty of funny and good memories to hold on to. He has been a buddy for 16 years and is leaving a big hole in everyone's heart. I am so sorry for his 2 legged companions and I am sending hugs.

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shirley124 by shirley124 edited 16 Oct 2019

Thanks. Yes I am sure he thought he was the boss in the household. He was so lucky he was given to my daughter. He had a very good life.

by sdrise 16 Oct 2019

So sorry for everyone. Losing a loved furbaby is so hard. Prayers are with you all. Try to think of all the good times you had with him over the years.

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shirley124 by shirley124 16 Oct 2019

Thank You. We had lots of good times with this cat. He was funny, naughty and gorgeous.

by mrskiki 16 Oct 2019

So sorry for your family. He is a beautiful cat and had a wonderful life with you grandson. Hugs. Nan

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shirley124 by shirley124 16 Oct 2019

Thank You Nan. He had a very good life.

by pennifold 16 Oct 2019

I love his white bib. We had a jet black cat with a small bib, we called her Ebony (but the kids were little and couldn't say it) but she became Bonnie. So sorry for their loss. Love Chris

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shirley124 by shirley124 16 Oct 2019

Thanks Chris. He was such a delightful cat. Maybe a bit naughty at times but the the personality to get away with it. Funny how little ones cannot say some names so they become another name.

by bemara 16 Oct 2019

What sad news, on the other hand, well the Mysterio must not suffer any more. He will leave a gap, I feel with you, Hugs Maria =^..^=

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shirley124 by shirley124 16 Oct 2019

Thanks. He will leave a big gap in his household and in my heart. I do not think he was suffering much till maybe the last couple of days. If he was he kept it to himself bless him.

by Nicky602 16 Oct 2019

What a man he was! Beautiful.
May he have many butterflies to catch on the other side.

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shirley124 by shirley124 16 Oct 2019

Thanks. I am sure he will enjoy catching butterflies.

by grammiesunshine 15 Oct 2019

I have a cat that is identical looking to him. Mine is a female and is 19 years old. And spoiled rotten.

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shirley124 by shirley124 16 Oct 2019

I have seen a few photos of cats very much like him. This one was spoilt rotten as well. But that what they deserve. 🐾🐾

by graceandham 15 Oct 2019

Gotta love that tuxedo cat look. Hopefully they may heal and want another.

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shirley124 by shirley124 15 Oct 2019

SIL says no, daughter says yes maybe. They do have another living with them that belongs to their daughter who lives interstate.

by cfidl 15 Oct 2019

He is beautiful and make me miss my kitty all the more today. I think I will soon want another, however I have only known and could be responsible for outdoor kitties, and now the population in my town has grown so much I do not feel it is safe. We care for 3 community kitties, but they do not come inside and are somewhat affectionate to hubby while they run from me.

shirley124 by shirley124 15 Oct 2019

This kitty was a indoor cat. Sorry it makes you miss yours. They do leave paw marks in your heart.

sewtired by sewtired 16 Oct 2019

They sure do!