by mi30kaja 13 Oct 2019

Hi All, I don't post much these days. Too busy but I do check in everyday. Now I would like help please. I once had a Brother Innovis 1200. I actually gave it to a friend so I had the excuse to buy another more uptodate version. Anyhow she has now asked me it I can have a look at it as she was getting the top thread bulking at the back. I have changed tension and it is no longer bulking at the back but the bobbin thread is not showing at the back and just using all the top thread. I did a Market today so too tired to check anymore tonight. I wonder if anyone has the same model and if so could they check the tension on your machine for me please. I am so glad I have newer machines with a lot of extra bits and pieces, Thanking all of you as I know someone could help me.


by shirley124 13 Oct 2019

I had this machine but hardly used it so gave it to my Grandson and his wife when they got married back in March. Sorry I cannot help you with your problems though. Hugs

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 14 Oct 2019

Thank You.

by Kampfzwerg 13 Oct 2019

I found this video, maybe it helps. Good luck, hugs

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 13 Oct 2019

Will watch the Youtube video. Thank You.

by mrskiki 13 Oct 2019

Has she done all the normal checks-clean out the bobbin area, change the needle and of course rethread? Also try a different spool of thread and a different bobbin. Is this happening in embroidery mode only? I am not familiar with Brother machines (I am a totally Viking girl) but if this continues I think it't time for a trip to the tech. Good luck. Hugs. Nan

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 13 Oct 2019

I have the machine here with me and yes the first thing I did was clean it out, changed the needle and using all new thread. I have a machine very close to this one so today will check the settings on it and compare. Thank You.