by babash 11 Oct 2019

I am hoping to go to the Craft Show in Brisbane this week.

I am guessing it is the same one that was just down south.
Wondered if there is any stall or display I should take a good look at?
Anything new and exciting that we just don't see around locally.


by babash 14 Oct 2019

I contacted 2 companies that are usually there with their own site. One is not going and the other is only doing demonstrations for a machine company. But the second one will take what I was going to buy with him so I don't have to pay postage which would be at least $10,
Hope there are some new ones at least.

by sebsews 13 Oct 2019

I hope you see some great things to report to us! Have fun!

by mrskiki 12 Oct 2019

Be sure to check everything out and let us all know what you find. We are all looking for new ideas. Have a great time. Hugs. Nan

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babash by babash 12 Oct 2019

Thank you I will

by pennifold 12 Oct 2019

Hi Barb, I got a gorgeous cork fabric to make a purse from a company called Pattern Poole - they are a mother and daughter firm Monica and Alaura Poole. They may not be going to Brisbane though! Hope you have a great time. Wish I could go with you. Love Chris

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babash by babash 12 Oct 2019

Thanks never heard of them so will add it to my list.

by killiecrankie 12 Oct 2019

Just look at everything thoroughly,you don't know what you will find.
If Patchwork with Gail B is there ,have a good look every where on her stall,she has some lovely fabric panels .( people often block the view some display items)

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babash by babash 12 Oct 2019

Yes I know some will just stand for ages. I will go around at least a couple of times. I am going on my own this time so I can please myself how I do it.