by toogie 09 Oct 2019

Hello Cuties, I was asked by one of our nieces today to make a gown, cap and 2 blankets for her still born grandson, to be born later today. Of course, I did and she also wanted it monogrammed.

I almost asked some our digitizing Cuties to make me a really small monogram, and I know if anyone of them would have seen the post, they would have willingly digitized it. We Cuties are like that. Helpful, sharing.
I remembered I had a small font and as time was of the essence, because she picked them up at 5 pm and baby was stillborn about 8 pm, I used what I had.
I made it for an eleven ounce baby and he was seven ounces. I knew he would be a little smaller than our Isabella, because he was 20 weeks gestation and Isabella and Avery were 26 weeks, but I worried I might have made too small.
The mom wanted 'something' to dress him in and take pictures holding him before she had to give him up. My niece just text me and said 'Mom' loved them.
The reason for two blankets, she wanted one with Minky to bury him and one for herself with his scent. My heart aches for my niece and her small family.


by cfidl 15 Oct 2019

I read your post a few days ago and did not know what to say. The situation is so devastating and tore at my heart. I pray for the Mom and Dad for strength and peace of mind that God has a plan. I am grateful they have you!

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toogie by toogie 15 Oct 2019

Don't feel bad Christine at a loss for words, there is nothing to be said. I know Cuties care. I find we all have a bond for each other and care about people we don't even know. I am sorry it upset you so......

by sewtired 09 Oct 2019

I saw the beginning of your post and was so hoping it was a typo and supposed to be still unborn as yet. That is such heartbreaking news. Condolences and prayers for comfort for your whole family.

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toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

Thank you, sadly, it was God's will. He will provide the strength needed to go on.

by lbrow 09 Oct 2019

He is safe in the arms of Jesus Toogie. My heart aches for them and their loss.

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toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

I know it does Mrs Lillian, it hurts any good mother to hear this, and you are among the greatest. Love ya!

by barba 09 Oct 2019

My heart aches for your niece and her family. What a terrible loss for them. God was working through you to help comfort them and provide what they needed for their precious bundle. Prayers are said for them to find peace and to help them deal with their loss. Hugs and blessings, Barba

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toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

Thank you Barba for your words of comfort.

by kustomkuddle 09 Oct 2019

Sending prayers of comfort in their sorrow. What you have done for them is such a blessing. I used to work labor and delivery. We started a closet of clothing and blankets for those types of situations. Thank you Toogie for helping to ease their pain a little. Please let them know that cuties are praying and sending hugs.

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toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

I know the nurses were so appreciated by us when the twins were born. Thank you for all you did. Our twins were born at our state capitol, so it was a very large hospital and that's when I was first introduced to Threads of Love, in the NICU. I was so appreciative, of these group of unknown sewers, that donated their time and talent, to surprise & comfort the parents and babies, with the items they made. I thought then, what a wonderful way to give back, by joining a local chapter, which I did. Thank you too, for your prayers, to ease the pain of loss.

by stork 09 Oct 2019

Oh, Toogie, what a blessed endeavor to make these for her. God Bless you for doing that. I have tears reading this.....prayers to the family.

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toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

Thank you very much

by airyfairy 09 Oct 2019

Just so very sad. Thank you Toogie.

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toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

Yes, so sad for them, thanks Sarah.

by dailylaundry 09 Oct 2019

This is so sad and Toogie, you were so wonderful to meet the request so quickly. Saying a prayer for them!!! So very very sad.

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toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

Yes, sad for sure, thank you.

by dragonflyer 09 Oct 2019

So very sad for the family. My heart breaks for them. Such a loving act of kindness by you, one that I am sure was appreciated by all... Heartbreaking, just heartbreaking....

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toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

Thank God they do have a 3 year old son to go home to and not an empty house. Thank you

by sebsews 09 Oct 2019

Thank you Toogie for doing this for them. Tears in my eyes and sending prayers. Suzanna

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toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

I had everything and started immediately. Sheila knew I had not been feeling well and said it was ok if I couldn't, but of course, I was honored to be asked & to do anything I could for them.

by pennifold 09 Oct 2019

This is so sad Toogie and so wonderful of you to make this gift for the baby. My heart aches when I hear of a stillborn, of all the things that the child will miss out on. Prayers for you all, love Chris

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toogie by toogie edited 09 Oct 2019

I know it is sad and Sheila & Kenneth have had such loss in their little family. They only had 2 children, the son that just had the stillborn and a daughter, that was killed by a drunk driver during the day, just in her first year of college. Thank you Chris for the prayers for them.

by mrskiki 09 Oct 2019

Prayers for this family and you as well for doing this act of kindness for them. Hugs. Nan

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toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

It was an act of love. We have been closer to this niece than some, only because they grew up living close, and with such a large family others have moved in different places. Thank you Nan

by marianb 09 Oct 2019

So sorry for their loss, it was nice you could help them to make a nice memory of their little boy.

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toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

Thank you Marian it was something I needed to do and thank goodness was able. She picked the items up about 5 pm and the baby was born somewhere around 8 pm. I made for an 11 ounce baby and he was 7.05 ounces, so rather a little big than to small. I belong to Threads of Love but became inactive when caring for Avery. I called our chapter early evening after Sheila left and went and picked up another burial package, so one outfit for the pictures and to keep and one for burial.

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Oct 2019

Toogie you are a star. How sad for all the family but your excellent that photographs have been taken that will be there for mum forever.

asterixsew by asterixsew 09 Oct 2019

Its interesting that when it is known that we can sew we then get asked.

toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

I know what you mean. When Sheila came yesterday she also brought Kayla's mom, the other grandmother with her. Their were a few tears between us but Sheila told her anytime the family needed something made they came to me.-lol

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Oct 2019

This is so sad. I am glad you were able to jump in and make her the items she had wanted. God was on your side finding the small font even though any of our digitizers would have jumped in to help. Hugs

toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

Amen Angie,goota go someone came in

toogie by toogie 09 Oct 2019

I'm sorry I cut my response to you short. A friend and her daughter came in and before she left my sister came in for the day. We had a good visit and I enjoyed them all because I haven't been out in well over a week :(

I know Cuties are 'family' and we all help each other and know they would have helped me. Time was the problem. Thank goodness I made it in time. My sister and I rode over to my niece's to bring the burial package from Threads of Love. I've always enjoyed making for the babies and need to be an active member again, now that I don't have Avery everyday. She told me the meetings are once a month and now on Tuesdays, so that is good bc QOV are on Thursdays.